Local Perspectives on Coronavirus re-openings

You do not have evidence that mask use in the general population does a net good.
well from my local perspective (the thread topic) i am going to have to disagree with you and Donald Trump on that one. based on anecdotal declining deaths in my local area.
West Los Angeles has been, in general, mixed. I'm not back at my job yet, but from what I'm hearing it's not going very effectively for the staff that is there.
Mask usage depends entirely upon the neighborhood , it seems. I notice some differences amongst cultures in how they are handling this, specifically mask usage. One guy in my condo complex wears swim goggles and a full respirator when he walks his tiny dog. Other people seem to not care, and I've seen plenty of older kids running around picking their noses all over everything. I haven't ventured into a restaurant yet, they look bad in terms of sanitization and I'm not risking it.
I went to Home Depot (Folsom, California) again today. Near 100% mask-wearing, which is quite a dramatic shift from two weeks ago, when it was more like 50/50. They also had a variety of masks for sale.
I'm moving house. Not far, just 20 miles (or about 12, as the crow flies). But they are quite different regions, with different local perspectives on re-opening and mask-wearing.

Currently I'm in El Dorado County, a mostly rural, region of the Sierra foothills with very few cases. The notary who came to my house was from up the hill, and didn't bring a mask, but we had a basket of them by the door (for people coming to view the house).

Also up the hill is Placerville, which constantly has news stories about its reluctance to follow the rules.
‘I refuse to bow to anybody.’ Rural California defies Gov. Newsom’s order to wear masks
JUNE 27, 2020

Perched behind the counter of his cramped memorabilia shop in downtown Placerville, co-owner Lorenzo Smith isn’t about to tell his customers they have to put on a mask.

It’s a matter of principle, he isn’t convinced it’s necessary, and he doesn’t particularly care that Gov. Gavin Newsom has ordered Californians to wear them.
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More corporate businesses are stricter, I went into a local Wells Fargo and they had five "wear a mask" signs on the door, and social distancing markers on the floor, and I had to wait outside for a while before they let me in.

But the whole region is mixed

The Westfield Galleria at Roseville, the largest shopping mall in the greater Sacramento area, is a haven of compliance with Newsom’s order. On Thursday a Sacramento Bee reporter could hardly find any customers or store clerks not wearing a mask.

Three miles south of the mall, in Roseville’s old downtown area, it was a different story.

When a reporter wearing a mask walked into Perry’s Barber Shop on Vernon Street, the barbers and a half-dozen or so customers — none of them masked — stared at him as if in disbelief. A man identifying himself as the owner declined to be interviewed.
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In Folsom (which is where I'm moving), it has always been more compliant regarding masks than Placerville. Now with the looming second wave, and the Governer's order, mask-wearing is becoming far more common.
that's what i said.

Messonier never appeared at White House briefings. I'm not defending the Trump administration, just pointing out bunk i have come across before and looked up. https://www.factcheck.org/2020/03/biden-video-on-trump-silencing-expert/

yes people are not trusting the CDC because they really screwed up the early tests and everyone blamed Trump unfairly for it, when he had nothing to do with some lab tech messing up and the agency not checking. and because people (of all political bents) are arguing about how deaths are being counted.

But that doesn't mean they are going to trust WHO. WHO hasnt been helpful at all (to America) in this pandemic. WHO said not to instill travel bans, which every country ignored and eventually did. WHO said not to use masks because it didnt want to upset underdeveloped countries. WHO didnt push a hard line with China early on to find out what was really happening (not that i blame them, if you upset China they will never release any info in the future) etc.

and Redfield and Messioner are political appointees under Trump and they aren't pushing Trumps alleged agenda, so .... people need to stop believing MSM and SM (social media) more.

I think it's important to remember that the WHO is not some all seeing all knowing entity but a group of people who are experts in their field combining the best of their knowledge to understand a new virus in a very short space of time. Undoubtedly we will look back and there will have been plenty of mistakes made but I wouldn't say this amounts to them being untrustworthy. I would also add that masks were not recommended to ensure that the PPE in existence was going to those who need it most, doctors and nurses.

Trump is not an expert in medicine or viruses and would do well to listen to some once in a while
I would also add that masks were not recommended to ensure that the PPE in existence was going to those who need it most, doctors and nurses.
which is why you should listen to your country and local health officials first. The world will have different resources at different times.

It is akin to the issues in America. because America is so large different areas have different needs at different times.
(but the CDC isnt still recommending PPE for the genral public. They want you to use cloth masks.)

Trump is not an expert in medicine or viruses and would do well to listen to some once in a while
his team (Fauchi, Birch, the FDA guy etc) has said repeatedly that he does listen to them. But people losing their homes, their businesses and people starving is a big issue too.
*I do agree he should be pushing the mask wearing. he gets tested everyday, so he doesnt really need to wear one as he isnt spreading it. But he is not at all making that message clear. he has said that at a few briefings, but how many people watch those long boring briefings! And i do think he should have insisted people at his rally wear them. i cant believe Tulsa even let that amount of people gather indoors in the first place!

Freedom and Liberty and "rights" are so frustrating at times.
Los Angeles county here, the county with a larger population than 41 individual states, but I live in an unincorporated area up in the mountains. My local bar opened up for the first time in about 3 months, last Friday. Nobody wore masks inside or outside, except me.

Only about a dozen people there over the course of a couple of hours but it was great to see old acquaintances and regulars, including the former mayor. On the downside, the AC was broken and nobody noticed until the bartender arrived for work. 88 degrees inside. There was no beer on tap because the taps hadn’t been sanitized in 3 months. To top it off, the beer was not cold enough because the refrigerators had been off until the bartender arrived!

To be fair, this was the same day the bars were allowed to open so it was a bit understandable. Overall, I found the experience underwhelming and didn’t go back to my twice a week visits. Now that the bars are closed again I question whether I will ever go back to my former dining and drinking habits. Neither good nor bad, just interesting to think about while I pet the cat and tend the pumpkins.
If you need evidence on this then I don't know what to say, each side is going to be biased in some way. That is pure psychology. Show me any group that has never ever misrepresented something. Everything should be consumed and then fact checked from everyone.
if they misrepresented something it should be easy to supply evidence. Otherwise how did you determine the misrepresented?
if they misrepresented something it should be easy to supply evidence.

were we supposed to actually give evidence? can i list some or do i have to copy and paste the bunk and the debunks? heres a few i think everyone is aware of or that i recently gave evidence for here on MB. (in fact i gave evidence for the 'Messonier silenced' one in the very comment "critical thinker" was arguing with me about. That's why i ignored his request for evidence, sorry.

Covington kids
Jussie Smollet
Trump silencing health experts/Messonier/Fauchi
Bubba Wallace Nascar hate crime (an understandable misunderstanding.. not the same as the Smollet situation.)
Tucker Carlson saying China engineered and released the coronavirus
the "Hands up, Don't shoot" Micheal Brown meme.*

'Hands up, don't shoot' did not happen in Ferguson - The ...
www.washingtonpost.com › fact-checker › 2015/03/19

Mar 19, 2015 - “Hands up, don't shoot” links directly to Brown's death, and it went viral. ... investigative report on the shooting of Michael Brown found federal ...
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*I am for getting bad cops off the streets, and helping young black men with jobs and/or education so they aren't put in those situations. I'm also pro jail time for Chauvin. But i saw some people arguing about that meme yesterday, so i'm just listing things off the top of my head.
Leifer is paraphrasing and since we can't see her words, it isnt really fair to assume what she is saying.

but yes, anything that hinders your liberties is a "socialist introduction" <that's me assuming what Leifer means by "socialist introduction".
I am having a sorta-polite argument with a person/people who believe that "mandated
People seem to be very polarized on the issue.
I argued that just because mask-wearing was mandated, does not mean the Gov't is an overlord.

Source: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10223713332089070&id=1465874423
Locally, CA Governor Newsome's secretary of Health and Human Services said the virus is so out-of-control, that 'contact tracing' is now impossible.
(July 23rd)
“California has too many COVID-19 cases to realistically investigate and trace each new infection, Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly said Tuesday,” according to The Sacramento Bee.
“At the level of transmission we’re seeing across the state, even a very very robust contact tracing team in every single county will have a hard time reaching out to every case,” Ghaly said . “No one has anticipated building a program to contact trace the level of cases we’re seeing here.”

Read more here: https://www.sacbee.com/opinion/editorials/article244411497.html#storylink=cpy

I have been working out-of-town in SF,CA for the past 45 days.... but with some non-distancing, and accidental or necessary face mask removal. (Construction industry)
My 86yo father is usually under my care, but is currently out-of-state with sister. I want to verify I am not infected or asymptomatic when he returns.
I may qualify as a "caregiver".... and I should, because that's what I was previously doing.
But it is VERY difficult finding even ONE location to get a test.
CVS pharmacy.... no.
Urgent Care... no.
My primary physician office says I don't need a physician's referral (PPO Blue Shield), but Urgent Care says I do.
Playing phone-tag now.

From my recent info (and calling my local hospital),.......without a doctor's specific referral or "active flu-like' symptoms", I will not be granted a COVID test. There are about 3 drive-through locations in the LA,CA area (The Forum, Inglewood), Santa Monica College, and Dodger Stadium......each are a 2-6 hour wait in a line of cars.... those are "free" tests. They do not require a doctor
mandated test. They close at a certain time.
It seems I could always "lie" about having symptoms, and get tested quickly at the hospital outside tent.
I'd rather not lie.
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In the state of Victoria in Australia where I live, we had a lockdown after numbers started rising. When the numbers dropped they ceased the lockdown and after a little while people became complacent resulting in a second peak that is now far worse than the first

A scene from Germany - this was last Sunday afternoon:


I am standing in line at a local bakery (with actual local production - the shop is in a village some km away) to fetch some pieces of cake. At most 2 take-away customers are allowed in at any time. People keep a distance of 1.5 m. Those outside are not required to wear a mask, but we have them ready. Inside, customers and staff are wearing masks. The seated customers are not required to wear masks, and don't.

Everything is real orderly, distancing and mask wearing discipline are near 100%, but I do see the occasional protester even here in small town Germany.


Last month, June 20th, I was in Düsseldorf, on the river Rhine, on a beautiful day which drove thousands of people out to cruise and shop and have snacks and drinks. At the time, I occasionally felt slightly uneasy, for it was not really possible always to keep a distance.


There was even a real, organized protest of mostly outright Covid deniers, anti-vaxxers and the like. Difficult to decide, but I think there was, if any, some far-right political group behind this. The protest (a few hundred people) had just assembled at was about to start marching. A leader, on loudspeaker, reminded everybody to please please please keep a distance / and or wear a mask, or else police might end the demonstration...


The largest sign says "In old time: Witch-Delusion. Today: Corona-Delusion". The yellow signs contain the names of cities in the area "for the future of our children", "for end of lockdown", "for a parliamentary inquiry", "for free vaccination decision", "for peace", etc. Others demand "real" or "direct" democracy.
is that really what your far-right groups look like in Germany? they all look so hippy/casual.. so unlike in America!
Like I said, it was difficult to decide. There are two archetypes of right wingers: The militaristic, black-clothed, boot-wearing, skinhead, in-your-face nazi - and the bourgeois, family-friendly, law-abiding but nonetheless foreigner-hating everyman who is scared of the results of democratic processes.
Quite possible that some of those folks were lured into the protest without realizing that some right-wingers were behind it.
Also possible that this was really organized with a focus on just coronavirus and attracted naive fools from all sides - left, right, levitated (esoteric), ...

Some of the slogans were more typical of the likes of the AfD ("Alternative für Deutschland"), the Euro-critic-turned-neonazi party that made it into the federal as well as most state parliaments.