Introducing The Real Charlie Veitch...


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[h=1]** New ** Introducing The Real Charlie Veitch...[/h]

This man has been making YouTube videos for quite some time with a clear agenda - up until now this is...

From Veitches site:

The myth is that Ian Tomlinson was an innocent bystander on his way home. The truth is he was there for the same reasons I was. To protest the G20. I will never forget the words “I’ve been fighting the Police all day”,

An explanation:


Mick West

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His response:



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That`s why I posted the link to this full, and rather embarrassing wriggle.

Pretty, preteeey, (Larry David) hard for Veitch to explain this away when he is entirely incorrect about the playful shove in question.

I don`t really care personally about police violence or the dead drunk on his way home - I am pleased that this tit Veitch has been exposed for what he is...

My 9/11 jokes have been removed? Darned shame... ;)
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