Hugo Chavez and CIA Banker Assassins


How incompetent are the CIA Banksters elite assassins :)


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Interesting. . . and to many of us very plausible. . . however, I am sure there will never be sufficient evidence to prove anything. . . .so chalk this up to speculation and unconfirmed whistleblower testimony. . . .


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LOL, another example of how incompetent an organization is, yet competent enough to mount 638 attempts on Castro's life. Isn't if funny how the CTers will believe Fidel Castro's bodyguard but no one in their own government/media/country.


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They may not claim to have tried 638 times, but isn't it simple fact that the CIA has made several dozen attempts at least on Castro's life? I'm pretty sure that's relatively 'on the record' and not just Castro's bodyguard supposing. I could be wrong, though.
I've been to Cuba a couple of times, exceedingly nice country. Poor to be sure, and the very well educated don't live much better than anyone else around them, but then most everyone is rather well educated (I was made dinner and showed around town by a young Biochemist the last time I went) given their education is free. A lot of truly kind people though, and seemingly a very happy place, understandable given the tropical setting. Wandering Varadero, one of the 'resort-towns', reeks of diesel being pumped out of all their gorgeous old Che-vrolets, with all the kids and youth gathered around the bridge in the middle of town, which they gleefully leap from into the waters below while the older boys stand about looking slick tossing winks to tourist girls. It's a lovely place, very alive. I'd honestly thought for a little while Obama planned on settling all the US/Cuba nonsense. It's too bad.


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Recently I was chatting with a person whose family had fled Cuba, right after Castro took over. Their comment was that the older folks, the ones that fled and that lost land and businesses are the folks that are keeping the US from normalizing our relations. Many of they came here and became wealthy and influential. Most of the younger members of their families do not agree. They feel that that what was lost, was lost and there is not going to be any compensation for the losses.

Our President has to have a majority of Congress to do much, and Congress has trouble agreeing on what day of the week it is. I expect that when the Castros die, and many of the older immigrants die as well, that things will change. There will those that fight that, like Rubio and Cruz (what was TX thinking in electing him?)


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