Explained: video of concentric circular "chemtrails" (E-3 Sentry AWACS plane, Feb 1 2019)


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A video of a plane circling and leaving a nearly concentric pattern of contrails in the sky recently cropped up on Chemtrails Global Skywatch on Facebook and has over 160 comments and 4,000 shares:


No date or location given, although the poster says they are in Yorkshire, in the UK, in the comments. (Their FB location is set to "Fukushima" :rolleyes:) It was posted on Feb 4. There is snow cover in the video, though, and the recent snow in the UK was largely gone by then, having fallen on Jan 31-Feb 1.

The poster may provide an answer in the comments, though:


(note also that "Doncaster Sheffield" is visible on the map beneath the image)

Searching on FlightAware: https://uk.flightaware.com/live/flight/NATO01/history/20190201/0921Z/ETNG/ETNG brings this up as the last flight before the video was posted:



The plane was an AWACS (E-3 Sentry) early-warning radar aircraft which flew from Geilenkirchen air base in Germany and circled over northern England on February 1. The tracklog shows it completed nine circles, mostly at an altitude of about 9,150 metres (30,000 feet).

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With a bit of digging I've found the location of the video. I won't post the exact spot for privacy reasons (as it was probably taken from the poster's home address), but it's about 12 miles north of York, which fits the path of that flight. (Street View image on the right)