Explained: A Dozen Or More Southern Valley UFOs

Mick West

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Metabunk 2018-08-14 22-31-20.jpg

This video claims to show "UFOs" in the Las Vegas desert. There's several shots like this:

Metabunk 2018-08-14 22-33-57.jpg

However using the sharp hill that appears on the left of this image, and on the right of the top image, I was able to identify the location of the lights as a power line service road.
Metabunk 2018-08-14 22-37-19.jpg
I've marked the road in two sections, red and blue, most of the lights are in the red region, but some are in the blue, which is mostly obscured by the sharp hill. Here's the start of the road:
Metabunk 2018-08-14 22-41-26.jpg

It's just a dirt road that follows the power lines. But it matches the location of the lights, so the lights must have been vehicles on the road, and not UFOs.
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