Debunked: UN hidden camera: the first UFO contact happened [Deep Fake]

Around January-February of 2019, a "leaked" video was published online of a woman speaking about how earth has made first contact with extraterrestrials. The following is the video in question, I'll transcribe it below.


The video is fake, there's logical as well as empirical reasons for it. The main reason that it is fake is the fact that the video itself is real but Aliya was added as an edit. The original is of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (President of Turkey) from 73rd UN session that took place on the 25th of September 2018.


If you look, there are the same exact people in the original 2018 video as the a fake 2019 video:

The panel of Red-ish, Grey and purple suits; Woman in pink with a phone; Man with teal tie and glasses and military man:

2019 Fake
2018 Original

If you look at all the mannerism and movement they're identical. The way that the man in teal tie prompts the Turkey president to stand to the the podium is the same exact as in the 2019 fake, in addition the woman in pink takes her phone the exact same way as in both videos.

In addition to that, you can actually purchase a licence for the video of the president from the perspective of the bleachers.

From the Anadolu Agency:

AND the video was uploaded on 25th of September 2018 which, again, predates the fake from 2019

That pretty much debunks the entire ordeal, I think it was a publicity stunt by the her to give her company attention. In addition to the empirical data, there are logical reasons why this doesn't make sense. There's no reason such a ground breaking announcement would be told by someone who (no offence to her) is largely unknown, the way it was presented too, the assertion that its "first contact" yet the UFO is still unidentified just makes no sense and seems like a poorly written script. Also, if there was no filming allowed (which, I don't know much about UN, do they do that?) yet the woman in pink pulls out here phone with everyone seeing her pull it out and take a picture and no one does anything about it despite the warning at the beginning. Also, the way the camera is positioned from the bleachers, it's obvious it's not a hidden camera, it point blank shoots at the speaker, anyone would be able to see that.

In addition, the fast radio burst that was mentioned is so far away that it would be physically impossible for an ET to travel to earth from that far away as the FRB is estimated to be about 1.5 billion light years away


So yeah, it's pretty much conclusively debunked, there are just two unknows I guess. The motive (which I think is a publicity stunt as this gave the woman a lot of traction when this came out) and the way it was edited. I'm aware that deep fakes exist but it looks like pretty high quality CGI edit, what do you guys think?


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Good stuff.

Also, when you see the comparison in that tweet you linked, it is very easy to see the light illuminating the lady is much brighter compared to the rest of the stage.
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