Debunked: Triton Artificial Gills (Indigogo Campaign)

Also, the Triton videos on YouTube are now set to 'Private'. (Not that there aren't 1,000 copies of them out there anyway from the artificial-viral marketing days.)

All this across multiple platforms at the same time would seem to indicate it is the team themselves trying to scrub out the history.
I doubt it's authorities, more likely packing it in and giving up the game and hoping DFE protocols will sufficiently sanitize their web presence that future employers won't notice "two failed million dollar scams" when checking them out.
That sounds like a futile work. There are hundreds of websites, blogs, and forums criticizing and debunking them. And of course, there are web archives, like the WayBack Machine keeping copies of their website. I see no sense in cleaning up the traces, because they can't make it disappear whatever they do. For this reason I find strange that they take the effort and spend their time in shutting down all their past web presence.

It may be perhaps a bit useful cleaning up references to Triton Gills from their personal profiles, just like Jeabyun Yeon did with his FB page (though he forgot removing a few photos), but their names will pop up in relation with the scam at any future websearch anyway.