Debunked: Strange lights above Canberra: (Photoshop mistake)


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A spherical ball of light lit up the skies of the Australian Capital Territory before quickly disappearing into thin air.

A video, originally uploaded to Reddit, shows a doughnut shaped orb appearing above Canberra during a storm on Sunday night, faintly backlit with a red and green glow.

The incident has been speculated to be extraterrestrial by some social media users, while experts suggest that it may be the equally mysterious weather phenomenon known as 'ball lightning
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i saw the original clip thought it unusual & rare tho did not consider it CGI fake so i was fooled as well

Hoaxster apologises for viral 'strange lights over Canberra' video, reveals clip fake

The person who posted a viral video purporting to show a strange, ball-shaped light over Canberra has made an apology online, explaining the video was fake.

The video uploaded to YouTube on January 3, titled "Strange Lights above canberra 03/01/16", appeared to show a circular light exploding in the sky over the ACT during a storm.
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gee i wish more bunk creators would be so forth coming
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