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Debunked: MH370: Daily Mail claims new sonar images indicate aircraft debris

Mick West

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The Daily Mail web site yesterday gave false hope regarding the search for MH370, suggesting new sonar images showed possible aircraft debris:

However, the image shows sonar image that were published in March earlier this year:

And the objects are far to big to be part of the plane, and are more likely shipping containers.

The Daily Mail has actually published a small wire story debunking their own story, just a few hours after it was published
And yet the original story is still there, and as of 11:30PST on Aug 13, it's still linked from their front page:
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ah ha :) thanks the clarification what had me lost was the date published by ATSB for its article


i'd put this date in my post as had wondered if this was new evidence or ?? and had pondered that Dailymail had just rehashed an old story. Why ATSB date is shown 29 July 15,,,, perhaps just info update .


Mick West

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. Why ATSB date is shown 29 July 15,,,, perhaps just info update .
I think that's just when they created that page. It's not to share those images, it's just using them as examples to explain the catagories. The image of the containers is category 3, meaning it's the least likely to be part of a plane.


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The "engines" image has already been assessed and discounted months ago.

Incorrect media reporting of MH370 sonar contacts
13 August 2015

Recent articles suggesting that sonar images gathered during the underwater search for MH370 could be aircraft debris are incorrect.

The sonar contacts mentioned in the articles are old ones that were already assessed and discounted months ago.

As well, the articles incorrectly describe ‘Category 3’ sonar contacts as being the most likely to be aircraft debris. In fact, they are the least likely to be aircraft debris. Category 3 is assigned to sonar contacts that are of some interest as they stand out from their surroundings but have low probability of being significant to the search. The underwater search so far has identified more than 400 seabed features that have been classified as Category 3.