Debunked: FVX Research [Fake Web Site]


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Spotted this news story covering a fake website for a FBI front company. The company name turned up in an article on a FBI program to fly survelliance planes over US cities. Someone then created a fake website which sent the CTs wild. The creator has come clean, but what's really interesting is the CTs reaction, which was the typical 'any denial is proof of the conspiracy', reaction which really scares me.

The website is fake. The company is fake.

But the Internet trolling, apparently, was all too real.

The FBI Friday denied any involvement in a fake website connected to a real, covert program run by the bureau — shortly before the webpage’s owner claimed the whole thing was an elaborate joke.

“It just goes to show how many people want to believe and are easily manipulated into believing without doing proper investigative research,” Robert Hastings, the pseudonymous owner of, which went viral this week, told the Daily News Friday.
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