conspiracy theorists

  1. keefe

    Climate change and conspiracy theories - Lewandowsky

    I just found this interesting interview with Stephan Lewandowsky, for anyone with a spare 43 minutes. Here's a few quotes from the transcript When it comes to the drivers of belief or acceptance of scientific findings, in particular climate change, then what we find is that one of the most...
  2. Katie Seas Are Climate Engineers Waging Warfare on Texas?, Again?

    Today I read a post on with the above title. It stated that the 'weather-makers' are in charge of the hurricane headed towards Texas and the drought in the West. The reason the hurricane is about to strike Texas is two-fold. 1) They have been uncooperative with the...
  3. Graham2001

    Debunked: FVX Research [Fake Web Site]

    Spotted this news story covering a fake website for a FBI front company. The company name turned up in an article on a FBI program to fly survelliance planes over US cities. Someone then created a fake website which sent the CTs wild. The creator has come clean, but what's really interesting is...
  4. AluminumTheory

    Debunked: Infowars Study: Conspiracy theorists’ sane; government dupes crazy, hostile

    Update Summary: Conspiracy Theorists siezed upon the publication of the paper "What about building 7?" A social psychological study of online discussion of 9/11 conspiracy theories", and claimed it showed that 9/11 conspiracy theorists were more "sane" than other people. However it does not say...