Debunked: Dane Wigington's Video for CBC Conference

Jay Reynolds

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Some background I want to present. This was one of Wigington's first works on the subject:
Diminished solar charge capacities due to persistent contrails
August 2007


Dane Wigington said:
The spraying continued in the other seasons, especially spring and fall. Its appearance was less thick but more complete in its coverage of the skies above. My loss of solar uptake was in the 20 to 30% range. Still more than enough to hamper severely my potential to pump adequate water from my well for dryer season needs. I also began to take notice of surprising accumulations of dust on my panels. This also diminishes charging potential. Knowing the ingredients mentioned in the patents, I decided to take a few dust samples to a lab in our area that performs all of the state’s testing in the region. This was to be the beginning of a chain of alarming data and tests. The dust was full of aluminum and barium. I live on the top of the highest forested mountaintop in the immediate area. There are no mines or potential areas of contamination within many miles of my location. There was only one plausible origin for this dust that I could come up with. Acting on this conclusion, I tested the final snow storm of the 07' season, as well as the final four rainstorms, for aluminum and barium content in the water. All tests showed significant quantities of these metals. I checked with a hydro-geologist I know about this and he assured me that unless I lived next to an Alcoa factory, there is no way I should have these metals in my rain in any quantity. I tested my rubber-lined pond for an accumulation for the two years it has been installed. The reading was off the scale at 375000 ug/l. The testing has continued, now about two dozen by many different residents throughout the county, and the results continue to worsen.
As some may know, nearly a year ago I asked for Wigington to publish the lab test he claimed to have in the above paper.
Jay Reynolds said:
I was happy to hear from Ed Griffin as Chairman of the Coalition Against Geoengineering that he was in favor of openness and sharing of data on which his organization bases their claims. I would like to do a complete review of all data collected by the Coalition Against Geoengineering members.

The more complete the data that I have to work with, the more accurate my review will be. CAG has made links to some of the tests online, but according to some statements made by your membership and your website, there appear to be many tests that are missing in your database here:

While there could be more tests available, at a minimum I need the following, which you have publicly cited, to complete my review:
1. All 45 lab tests cited by Mauro Oliviera on 5/27/2009 before the California Energy Commission.

2. All pond and spring lab tests taken at the property of Lynn Dorrah showing 375,000 ugl aluminum, also cited by Mauro Oliviera on 5/27/2009 before the California Energy Commission.

3. Dust lab tests from solar panels mentioned by Dane Wigington in his article, “Diminished Solar Charge Capacities Due to Persistent Contrails”

4. Soil lab tests taken by Francis Mangels showing 1% aluminum cited in his
“Statement on Aerosols and Drought for DOE 5/27/09 in Sacramento”

I suggest that it would be very helpful if these could be made available to anyone within the current library, along with the ones currently displayed. I will appreciate your cooperation in getting these tests available online soon.


John B. (Jay) Reynolds

Wigington's response was:
All testing done by me is, and has always been, available on line.

For the record, I believe that Wigington did do a full spectrum lab test of that dust he scraped off his solar panels for many other elements besides aluminum, barium and strontium.

He is hiding that lab report because it shows those elements to be of a typical spectrum of crustal elements, and was not a "cherry-picked" test just for the three elements commonly yet falsely claimed to be a "chemtrail signature".

If Wigington ever displays such a full elemental analysis, everything he claims will fall to pieces, and he knows it.

Jay Reynolds

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For the record, I believe that Wigington did do a full spectrum lab test of that dust he scraped off his solar panels for many other elements besides aluminum, barium and strontium.

He is hiding that lab report because it shows those elements to be of a typical spectrum of crustal elements, and was not a "cherry-picked" test just for the three elements commonly yet falsely claimed to be a "chemtrail signature".

If Wigington ever displays such a full elemental analysis, everything he claims will fall to pieces, and he knows it.

Rose Taylor said:
On April 15th[2008-JR], both Siskiyou and Shasta County residents addressed the Shasta County Air Pollution Control Board, asking them to investigate the high levels of toxic metals (aluminum, barium and strontium) found in 41 lab samples of water, soil and dust taken throughout Shasta County by various residents.

Mr. Wigington testified that he believes the dust collected from his solar panels (which came back full of aluminum and barium), is another indicator, that the contamination is coming from our skies Guest_Article2_spring_summer_2008.html

Michael J. Murphy said:
What Are They Spraying Us With? - Pt II
Could Aluminum, Barium and Other Substances From Stratospheric Aerosol
Geo-Engineering Programs be Destroying Eco-Systems around the World?
By Michael J. Murphy
"Wigington became concerned about SAG when he began to notice dramatic changes in the solar power that he uses to supply his home and property. Owner of one of the largest residential solar systems in Northern California, he began to notice very high declines in solar power. It can be decreased by as much as 60 percent on what he calls "heavy spraying days". Wigington said, "The trails are literally blocking the sun". He also went on to say that he regularly samples the fine dust layers on top of his solar panels and other outdoor surface areas and frequently finds very high levels of aluminum and barium. Wigington believes that these are a product of SAG programs."



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Dane Wigington's presentation at the CBC conference is at Before it's news. I don't know whether this is officially released or pirated and will disappear soon.

The User on Youtube is named "ChemtrailsConference" and his profile looks official on the first look...

But something interesting about BeforeItsNews:

There are unused parts in the sourcecode of the site. It seems that there was the ability to vote if a News is bunk or not. YOu see these rest not in normal Broser mode, on Firefox, you have to switch to "View / Style / No Style"-

Then you can see "% of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents."

So it seems this site was (and still is) a real "Rumor-Mill"

Haven't had time to listen to the whole thing yet.

Thanks for the hint, I will download it :-D
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Steve Funk

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Around 16 minutes, Wigington talks about the "Arctic Methane Emergency Group," advocating for the third time, immediate wartime scale geoengineering. He claims that Ken Caldeira is part of the group. However, the group's web page,, says that they have sought advice from Caldeira and other scientific heavyweights, but the group itself is composed of citizen activists from various fields without specific climate expertise. Their "declaration of emergency" falls short of advocating immediate, wartime scale geoengineering.
A variety of means of cooling the Arctic are available, some of which may be classed as geo-engineering. Governments should support the moratorium on drilling in the Arctic as urged by the UK Environment Audit Committee in their report “Protecting the Arctic” (September 2012).Governments must also take rapid measures to reduce short-lived climate forcers, such as methane and black carbon (commonly known as soot), especially where emitted at high northern latitudes.

And Realclimate, a more mainstream group run by phd climate scientists, says that recent papers do not indicate that methane releases are a big deal at this time. The main problem remains CO2. (Methane releases refers to the large scale release of methane from methane clathrate stored in sediment at the bottom of the ocean. This would be a feedback reaction accellerating an already severe warming. Conventional methane emissions caused more directly by humans are a cause of warming second only to CO2, but that is not dramatically increasing.)

Just before that segment of the talk, he once again misquotes David Keith.

Steve Funk

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Around 18:30, he says there is no scientific doubt that any particulate matter will destroy ozone. Where in the world does that come from. Chlorine destroys ozone, as does bromine, other halides, and nitrous oxide. But dust???? I couldn't find anything about that with a quick Google search.
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