Debunked: Aerosol Geoengineering Film Footage Reality [Fuel Dumps]


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Part of me is curious what has been deleted.....but most of me is pretty sure about what it is and a bit saddened by that o_O

I am sure it consisted of the standard chemmie responses, but I still wanted to see what his thoughts were


Does anyone still see comments to the video posted by Dane Wigington? I'm sure I posted some comments there, but now all comments seem to be gone?



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Does anyone still see comments to the video posted by Dane Wigington? I'm sure I posted some comments there, but now all comments seem to be gone?

Looks like he disabled comments, apparently there were too many people calling him out on the obvious fuel dump..

Mick West

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This video is long, and partially in german (you can enable annotations to see translations), but it's an utterly fascinating look at the in-cockpit procedures leading up to a fuel dump. Engine failure forces an A340 to turn back shortly after takeoff. Actual fuel dump is at 12:00, but it's well worth watching the whole thing for perspective.



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I actually posted this video, but in a PM. What it does show quite clearly is a professional airline crew methodically handling an "abnormal" situation. (Of course, the title is a bit over-blown...this isn't really an "emergency").

Quite unlike the typical Hollywood depiction, isn't it?


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just a little aside. I just watched said video with the automatic subtitles accidentally turned on, and woke the missus up laughing at the attempts to subtitle the spoken German into English wordage

Just a few highlights...

It was coming out with lots of references to 'shirts' one of which apparently 'drying in the engine', mention of someone called 'professor serious ass crack' and ended up saying how Italian fishermen can't ski' Funniest 15 mins I've had in years.

Sorry if this a little OT, but if you fancy a chuckle you should give it a go.


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Debunking bad Google Translate algorithms? (I think the Silicon Valley Thugs will hunt you down, and "silence" you)....(I think)...


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... the attempts to subtitle the spoken German into English wordage
I was grinning when listening to the original sound.

They are not really speaking German, it's the Swiss dialect/language ("Schwizerdütsch") heavily infused with lots of English terms. Imagine "Heidi" from the mountain meadow reading down an A340 checklist ...

Nevertheless, an excellent video!


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They are not really speaking German, it's the Swiss dialect/language ("Schwizerdütsch") heavily infused with lots of English terms. Imagine "Heidi" from the mountain meadow reading down an A340 checklist ...

Nevertheless, an excellent video!

Yes...although I cannot understand some of the spoken language, there is enough in English (with subtitles) that make sense.

I tried to find something pertinent....and it keeps coming back to this.......ALL pilots will understand this....but those who are NOT pilots?``
Well....take your time to understand, and just 'PM' with any questions (I will be happy to answer)...:

The "point" of the video below is to show a bit of "reality" in terms of how actual airiines operate, and how we train pilots.

I just want to add......this is obviously a B737 Classic....or a B737-300, or -400, or -600.

Please know that there are other "iterations" of the B-737...the so-called "Next Generation".....which are the B737-700. -800 and -900s.

EDIT....this an "almost" video.....but when we train in the simulators? We are given "real-world" scenarios. (AND....there is no stupid "MUZAK" in the background. This is serious, in the Simulators. The "motion" is on.
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Believe me (and tell your son) that simulator training normally DOES NOT HAVE a musical soundtrack!!

To be serious....when in the 'Sim' we are serious about the tasks, they have been "briefed" before hand.

These multi-million dollar 'Sims' are in high when in them, we focus on the priorities.

(Though....many years ago I took a loved one into the 'Training Center', and a much dis-used B727 Sim was sitting there...
So, I "started it up" and flew it a bit....(motion off, just using the video on the forward screens). "bad"!! ;)

We "flew" under the Golden Gate Bridge....


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I was talking about the dodgy Youtube translation. But flying a plane CAN have an awesome rock soundtrack if you take your cassette walkman with you. I have seen Iron Eagle :D
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