Critical Errors and Omissions in WTC7 Report Uncovered

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Yes, I'll leave you to think about that as what I wrote was quite clear, sir. I have given the former Assistant Secretary to the Treasury of the United States a link to this thread. Should he be interested in responding to the above comment:

Or to any other points raised here, as well as the fact the link to his website posting was immediately deleted as "off-topic" (when it seemed very relevant to me) then he can of course do so.

Oh, I see.

Thank you for the response.

So once again, just to be clear: An email to a former Assistant Secretary to the "Treasury of the United States" (AKA, the United States Treasury Department) was email to a person who served under the Reagan Administraton? (circa 1980-1988).

If I am following this, then.....I apologize, but I fail to understand any relevance to the events of 11 September, 2001.

Is it possible that you could, please, clarify the points you are seeking to discuss? Thanks.
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