Covid hoaxer and anti vaxxer’s son, speaks out.


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The son of Covid hoaxer and anti vaxxer Kate Shemirani’s son has spoken out, against his mother’s dangerous beliefs, that she is sharing with thousands of YouTube followers and at anti mask protests.

Not only does he speak about the current misinformation she is spreading and the danger to those who listen, but also how damaging her conspiracies have been to his life and their relationship.

I think he is brave to have spoken out. Sadly, those who are very deep into the rabbit hole, are not open to listening to him, from what I have seen in responses on social media to his interview.
A very sad state of affairs.

Coronavirus: How my mum became a conspiracy theory influencer

Sebastian’s mum has become one of the leaders of Britain’s conspiracy community, collecting tens of thousands of followers with false claims – including denying coronavirus exists, blaming the symptoms of Covid-19 on 5G radio waves and likening the NHS to Nazi Germany.

Sebastian is worried about his mum’s impact on public health and reasoned debate. And, closer to home, their relationship has broken down.
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Yeah, I have a cousin that's also really stuck on this even though a friend's daughter recently died of COVID (he just accused the doctor of lying when I told him about it, of course).
I sincerely hope he doesn't catch the Delta variant (or his wife and/or kids, for that matter), but that's probably the only way he'll learn.