Claim: Video shows pro-Hong Kong protestors beating a man


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This video posted to reddit shows a bunch of people in the middle of a protest beating a man bloody. The title alleges the perpetrators are pro-Hong Kong protestors.

Is anyone able to find the original source of the video? What was the context behind this assault?


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No. However, as the OP of the video is Pro-CCP, I am rather skeptical of the narrative they're trying to craft with the video.
Debunk the narrative, then?

Bunk is often seemingly supported by anecdotal evidence. If the narrative is that the anti-China protests are violent, it'd be more useful to get a bigger picture (how much violence is there, and who's involved) than focusing on a single incident, true or not.


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Yeah, if the claim is made that something was perpetrated by one group, then context such as "is that group doing it really them?" would matter.
oh. i thought that 'the context behind the assault' , meant "why was the guy getting beat? was he walking around yelling 'I'm a pedophile and i 'm proud of it'"