Claim: UFO photographed at Torbay Airshow


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UFO investigator claims that a UFO flew 1000mph through a red arrows aerial display at the Torbay Airshow last weekend.

A UFO dubbed by some spectators as an 'alien craft' has been snapped photobombing a Red Arrow display in jaw-dropping new photos.

John Mooner, a UFO investigator, who took the pictures at the Torbay Airshow in Paignton last weekend, claimed that a black object flying at '1,000mph' through the pilots' formation was the work of 'non-human intelligence'.

Mr Mooner, from Newton Abbott, said he went to the airshow was to see if he could capture any 'anomalous objects' near the aircraft.

Screenshot 2023-06-10 at 10.09.42 am.png

Screenshot 2023-06-10 at 10.09.53 am.png

Screenshot 2023-06-10 at 10.10.03 am.png


The Torbay Airshow ran from the 3rd-4th of June this year.


Location that the alleged UFO was photographed:

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That actually looks like dust on the sensor, if it's a DSLR.

If they are shooting with a wide depth of field trying to get all the airplanes in focus, they might be shooting at f/11 or f/16, or even wider, and that would bring any dust or dirt on the sensor really into focus.

If all you have are stills from this one camera, no video from anyone else at the event, then I'd wager dust on the sensor.