Claim: Mobile app uses atmospheric data to prove chemtrails vs contrails

Dan Page

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Just noticed this being tweeted about today, a new mobile app that supposedly used atmospheric data to "prove" chemtrails vs contrails. This app is "forthcoming" and donations are welcome. However when I went to the donations website, it says "This fundraiser is closed. Thank you for your support!" and that 290 British pounds had been collected, and 3000 were needed. The fundraiser ended 2 months ago. This 3:49 video explains the app.

And information about this app can be found here. It would be interesting to see an app like this and how many people would buy it. Not sure how accurate it would be considering there are NO chemtrails, just contrails. Although I'm sure it would be completely scientific and unbiased, NOT! Really though, wouldn't it be interesting if they did come up with an accurate app and the app showed that all those trails up there were contrails and NOT chemtrails. Here are the selling points:


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James Hodgskiss (the ap developer) is associated with Chemtrails Project UK (website here, facebook here). And his own personal facebook page is easily found. Should be pretty easy to keep up to date with this ap and its progress then.

My two cents is that its totally phoney baloney. Chemtrails Project UK once sold "rain test kits" to their followers, processed by their own laboratory, we can only speculate on why they don't offer that service any more.


Facebook page is public, so you could straight up as cpuk what the status, if any, is on the ap development.
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Mick West

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Such an app would not be hugely difficult to write. It could pull the most recent sounding data from UWYO, then just create some report that says there is no altitude at which contrails can form. For a large number of stations that's the result of the data, because they use cheap radiosondes that don't measure humidity well at low temperatures. And when the figures are accurate, the time and location are so far off as to be useless.

A better approach would be to pull RH and temperature data from the same source used by, to get essentially a contrail probability factor. But even that will just give you a computed value. Unless you are right next to the plane there's no way of knowing what the local humidity is.


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Even the best contrail forecasting algorithms using the best available data are only about 60-70% accurate. The resolution of the atmospheric data is clearly limited both in time and in space, so perfect accuracy cannot be expected. Also, these algorithms are for exhaust contrails only; aerodynamic contrails are produced under a completely different set of conditions.

Bruno D.

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I think that such an App, if built correctly, and with this big 60-70% disclaimer, would actually be a good resource for debunking.

Image that: point the app to a plane and it says if there is a high or low probability of contrails.

Spectrar Ghost

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How hard would such a capability be to add into FR24? Matching the known plane location with a model/analysis grid box doesn't sound excessively difficult (as a non-programmer).

Mick West

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How hard would such a capability be to add into FR24? Matching the known plane location with a model/analysis grid box doesn't sound excessively difficult (as a non-programmer).

That part would be easy. Getting the value to put in the box would take more work.

Dan Page

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Perhaps they did get a value to put into the box and it always showed sufficient meteo conditions for contrail formation/persistence when they were visible, so they decided to shelve the project as it wasn't conforming to their narrative. We may never know.

Ray Von Geezer

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I'm always a little suspicious of "activists" who need funding to carry out their activism.

5 grand is apparently the difference between him committing to develop the app full time and it not happening at all, but that seems a pretty modest sum - not enough to permanently quit a full time job for example. Since he claims to be doing the majority of the work why wouldn't he do the development in his spare time or between other work, if the app is so important?

So back in September he claimed to have a functional prototype, but spent money that had been donated on getting a splash screen designed (presumably professionally), primarily to generate more donations? I think I'd have set the priorities of this project differently.

Ray Von

Bruno D.

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Well, I work with mobile development and creating this app with a splash screen would take close to 4h for a 11 years experience developer with some design notion.

For a User Interface specialist it should take close to 30 min to create a simple photoshop design like that. Putting this image into an app would take other 30mins for him, plus the time to explain to the UI expert exactly what he needs the design to look like.

So, how could he invest some of the donated funds to hire 1h of a UI expert or spend four hours of his spare time is beyond my understanding.


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What a great idea! It indeed seems like a relatively simple project and if marketed correctly could easily be a profitable venture for the owner/developer. I would buy it.

As has been pointed out the humidity data would never be 100% accurate but even so the probability and statistical data and correlations between the measured radiosonde or other humidity input would be invaluable to understanding the phenomenon as it relates to the best available data we have. . These are obviously the same procedures and input data many of us have used to understand what we are seeing, having it in one slick app for a smartphone is ingenious. It could only help with increasing understanding and awareness on this issue which is obviously necessary in light of the increasing disinformation. I would be very interested to see just how well the best available data relates to observed formation of persistent contrails and a probability factor would be good enough. In my experience the correlations have been pretty clear, I have yet to witness contrails where the probability was very low so I would therefore speculate that the app would be fairly accurate and not impeachable based on an inability to produce accurate probabilities.

I would even be willing to invest in the project if I was certain the developers were objective, unbiased and purely scientific about it! Bring it on I say.
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