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Hello everyone, this is my first post here and I'd like to talk about the chemtrail conspiracy in Greece.

Recently I have been fed up with the chemtheory in Greece which is growing really fast especially for the past three years. I decided to llok into the matter as an amateur astronomer. I had to debunk a lot of conspuracy theories as an astronomer especally ufo sightings and the moon landings so I found Mick West's contrailscience which is really not only a great source of information on the subject but also provides all the ammunition to shoot down any believer in chemtrails. I started translating material from the site and thus providing the greek community with the information which is lacking in my language.

On studying what the greek chemtheorists and believers said in blogs, forums, FB, and youtube videos I found a lot of variations as far as the main version is concerned. To begin with On May 7, 2012 The National Air Command issued an announcement saying that these are normal contrails and people don't have to worry about them. The issue was also brought up by a couple of Ministers in the Greek Parliament earlier that year but also received the same answer by the Minister of Defence.

The main variations to the conspiracy are:
  • The planes that spray are unmarked Boeing 707 and 737. Some others say they are KC-10.

  • The trails stay up in the air between 4 and 7 days

  • The planes take off from NATO bases with no flight plan so they are invisible to the Greek government

  • The trail contains: Benzene, Nitrozamines, Nickel, Hydrogen Cyanide, depleted Uranium, Barium and Mercury

The reasons:
  • They want us sick.
  • They want to bring the world population down to 500 million.
  • The contamination increases cancer so the pharmaceutical industry profits,
  • We are hypnotized, we don't smile, we have constant headaches (by-products of the financial crisis in Greek not contrails if you ask me)
  • HAARP uses the chemtrails as neurons.

The Greeks are not aware that there are more flights that cross the sky and DON'T LAND. So in Crete where I am located and there two airforce bases (both also used for charter and national flights)and two NATO bases and an international airport, and also the crossroad for flights that go to Africa and Asia people think that the contrails are strange and "shouldn't be there".

I have been working on the project for less than a month but I have learn one hard truth. It is difficult to change the minds of people even if you bang their heads on the truth. That is why I would like to close this e-mail with a quote from Sam Harris on the value of logic. That is the puzzle piece that's missing from these people.

Anyways, I'd like to hear from people from other parts of the world. Are there different variations?

Here are some pictures in greek sites and blogs and a translation of what they say


IS THIS NORMAL How much do they hate us because we exist
This is a real photo


This is from a protest outside the Pentagon in Athens the banner says stop chemical spraying
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The trails stay up in the air between 4 and 7 days
Wow, that's a pretty bold claim. Do they back that up at all? 4-7 HOURS would be more like it.

The only trails that are recognizable for more than a day are ship tracks, and I've not actually heard of those in the Mediterranean.


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Welcome CSOTGR. You are very near Souda I see, long time since I have been there. I am also new to the forum and have had some what similar experiences as you but I also get blamed for being one of the Sprayers because I work on aircraft and happen to work on the RAF base in Cyprus. Here its blame the Americans and British for everything - including the current bank problem. I have all but given up on trying to explain the basic science involved to the rapidly growing group of believers here. I think part of the growth of this issue here is from the loyal following of Greek TV broadcasts here on the island. People here tend to believe everything that they are told on TV or newspapers provided its in the Greek language and from Athens, if its not in one of those formats its all a lie. When I try to show them the science they act as if it is below them, I think they are truly are ashamed that they know that they do not have the basic education to understand what I am showing or explaining so I get a rude "we know everything" but when I ask direct questions towards this end I get excuses and up turned noses. Its a very sad state of affairs.


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  • The trail contains: Benzene, Nitrozamines, Nickel, Hydrogen Cyanide, depleted Uranium, Barium and Mercury
Depleted uranium? Nickel? Ouch. Heavy mackerel...

HCN oxidizes in air, sunlight and moisture to carbonic and nitrous acids. (That's a little off the top of my head!) So terminologically that's quite completely inexact.

  • There was no aluminum anywhere. They also say that you can fight the trail by using chembusters that use aluminum

  • HAARP uses the chemtrails as neurons.
Because it's smarter than the rest of us?

I would like to close this e-mail with a quote from Sam Harris on the value of logic. That is the puzzle piece that's missing from these people.
Missing here, too, I think.

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