Charlie Veitch - 9/11 Change Of Mind

Janet D

New Member
Saturday, 2 July 2011 ~

This has got a lot of 9/11 truthers talking. Complete change of mind from Charlie Veitch on 9/11. He's being called all sorts of names all over the truth sites, "DISINFO agent", troll, all of 'em. I had never heard of the guy before a few days ago, but now he's calling the 9/11 truth movement a cult and has done a complete 180 on the subject. Interesting.

I applaud anyone publicly changing their position on "9/11 Truth" and saying they were wrong.


Mick West

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Very interesting. I see lots of comments like:

Did tptb threaten Charlie? or was he always a Government scum bag planted into the movement? I'll hazard a guess it is one of those 2 but will we ever know which 1? Time will tell!

But I hope there's also a few less vocal truthers who might actually now summon the courage to consider thinking outside the box for a while.