Building 7 Explained by Edward Current


Excellently accessible debunking of the Building 7 controlled demolition theory by Edward Current.
0:29 Building 7 collapsed simply due to uncontrolled fires - bare assertion.
00:42 Not a proportionally fair representation of the fire/steel ratio in building 7
00:55 Conclusion based on NISTs analysis which was based on incorrect and incomplete data
02:06 To assert that NISTs model is consistent with reality is just plain wrong
02:40 Total collapse is not inevitable for a steel structure on fire, it is unprecedented.
02:47 The steel overpass is not a good comparison at all, and was a partial collapse in any case.
03:15 False claim, steel buildings have had larger, longer lasting fires, and have not collapsed.
03:30 "it's really that simple" - Until you look at the drawings and the explanation, yes.
This video debunks nothing.