Article: There is no such thing as chemtrails only contrails


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After a short and sweet article with Cliff Mass, a University of Washington Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, explaining contrails, comments include this gish gallop of "facts" and questions. Clearly the true believer ignores any facts to the contrary. What does a professor of atmospheric sciences know?

"Mr Mass, I have a few questions for you since you challenge the existence of stratospheric aerosol geoengineering. Why has there been a 50,000% increase in the amount of aluminum found in rainwater? If passenger airplanes are responsible for the "contrail" phenomenon, why do the contrails expand in size and sometimes linger for up to 4 hours? On number of occasions I have taken photos of these planes producing contrails and they are traveling much much faster than passenger planes. They commonly fly in an arch across the sky. What would be the purpose of planes repeatedly flying over a city in an arch pattern? Why are so many planes flying in and out of Boeing Field? I could go on and on but I leave you with one thought. The healthy level aluminum found in a hair follicle is less than 2 ug/g (micrograms), Alzheimer Disease has seen a 68% increase in deaths between 2000 and 2010, the other 5 leading causes of death saw an decrease. High levels of aluminum are found in ALL deaths attributed to Alzheimer's disease. Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium are some of the elements known to be the ingredients of chemtrails. Connect all the dots here. How have been people been exposed to more aluminum in the past 10 years? In fact if you were to have a follicle your sampled, good chances the levels of aluminum are off the chart. Please don't dismiss the chemtrails phenomenon to passenger jet contrails. This issue really needs to be brought to the light of the public."
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