14 Years of Chemtrails, Comments and Suggestions

First off it has been since late 1940s that we have been experimenting with weather modification. So I am not sure what the 14 yrs thing is?? anyone?
This thread was started 3 1/2 years ago. Cloud seeding was not on the menu then. It is my understanding, just from having browsed this site, the "chemtrail theories" started around 1996. I believe this is what @Jay Reynolds is referring to with his title.
BUt I have not seen anyone point to the many companies that actually do weather modification.

They do. I just saw a list of companies posted yesterday. BUT, they just want to leave the implication that simply because those companies exist, it is proof of something nefarious. Conspiracy theorists only look deep enough to make a point... not deep enough to see where they are wrong.
Weather modification is not really part of the chemtrails canon, but has been folded in along with chaff, and, rarely, pest control. It can also be a step in the fall-back route on the way to aesthetic objections and, of course, about the pollution.

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