“Ghost” lights


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Hi all — new member here. Apologies if this has been posted twice. My first attempt seems to have failed.

I’m hoping you can help explain a “ghost” video. My partner has an employee who also works at a care home. One of the CCTV cameras captured what to me looks like quite a mundane light effect. They think it is a ghost because a resident recently passed away. I’ve uploaded the video.

I’m presuming it is some sort of light reflection off the lens, perhaps internally. However I’m not an expert. It would be great if someone could explain what is happening and why the lights move. I can then reassure them that the place is not haunted!

Many thanks. Casey.
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Thank you so much Mick! Yes that explains it perfectly — and why it moves when the door is opened. My girlfriend now has to figure out how to tactfully explain to her employee that it was just a bit of web!
Check the camera for a spider thread in front of the lens, swaying in the breeze.
And it seems to move a lot when the door is opened and again when its closed, which is good evidence that it is responding to air movement in the room.