1. Mendel

    Debunked: Radar Waves Affect Clouds

    Claim Source: https://youtu.be/3yCFFLrr14Q [1:40] If radio waves and radar haven't got any effect, pretty coincidental these two different areas in Western Australia pushing the clouds out or stopping them from coming in, whichever way it goes. The radar images in the video come from the...
  2. Mick West

    Cube in a Sphere UFO's Seen by Navy pilots. Radar Targets?

    Source: https://twitter.com/Aviation_Intel/status/1142532802237194240 Tyler Rogoway raises and interesting suggestion, that the "cube in a sphere" things that have been reported are actually some form of radar reflector. Weather balloons and boats have radar reflectors made of three...
  3. S

    Claim: Russian radar would have picked up MH17 missile

    Russia has "discovered" radar data from July 17, 2014 days before the official criminal report is due to be released. See below: http://www.rferl.org/a/russia-claims-mh17-images-not-rebels/28014798.html A video presentation of the data can be seen here: Source...
  4. D

    [MoreInfoNeeded]Germany NewsTV: Explanation for radar cloud

    Hi, I ve been into the chemtrail stuff lately, and trying to get into the discussions with several different people I know personally. There is one particular thing that I find hard to explain. When a cloud was spotted on radar and brought up by a newsTV show in Germany, it gave the...
  5. BlueCollarCritic

    Weatherman Acknowledges Military's Dumping of Chaff into The Atmosphere

    Weatherman Acknowledges Military's Dumping of Chaff into The Atmosphere and also shows how the TV staions weather sofwtare has the ability to strip it out so that viewers don't see the military's chaff dumped into the sky. Video @ : This should be relatively easy for the debunkers here to...