1. D

    Claim: Crashed UFO Disk/Saucer on Mars

    I'm almost hesitant to post this here as it's wholly a unconvincing claim. However, it's been reported by many different media sources - often unquestioningly - and has tens of thousands of views on social media so I thought it might be worth adding to the collection of claims in need of...
  2. Mick West

    Explained: "Lizard Found on Mars Rover" [Dust Removal Tool]

    An an amusing example of pareidolia, a youtube poster claimed to have spotted a lizard jumping onto the Mars Curiosity Rover In fact what he has seen is the dust removal tool on the MAHLI's_Robotic_Arm.jpg It's not there in later...
  3. Mick West

    Debunked: Pyramid on Mars [Small Rock]

    The Mars Curiosity Rover has taken tens of thousands of photographs, and in those photographs are millions of rocks. It's inevitable that if you stare at millions of rocks for long enough, then you'll find a rock that resembles something. In this case it's a pyramid shaped rock. "Life on Mars"...
  4. N

    Debunked: Nuclear cloud on Indian Mars Orbiter image

    When i first saw the article earlier today...I fell for it rather quickly,that is until i did some investigasting.. UFO buffs claim this formation on the surface of...
  5. Hevach

    Debunked: Curiosity repair man [Rover arm in retracted position]

    Various bastions of great reporting are saying that pictures show a person repairing the Curiosity rover. Metro doesn't give a source, but some searching traces it back this page...
  6. Graham2001

    'NASA worker' claims to have seen humans walking on Mars in 1979

    Oh dear, Coast-to-Coast strikes again... A woman who claims to be a former NASA employee claims to have seen evidence of the most monumental cover-up in space history in 1979 – as she saw two human figures in space suits walk calmly towards the Viking lander (the grandfather of today’s Mars...
  7. JesseCuster

    Debunked: Humanoid skull found on Mars. [Rock]

    Saw this doing the rounds recently on some paranormal websites and thought I'd post it. There's claims that a humanoid skull has been found in a photo taken by NASA's Spirit rover on Mars.
  8. J

    Debunked: Blurred NASA image on Mars [Stitched in part of the Rover]

    VIDEO Claiming blurred image on Mars panoramic photo is a Martian Artifact Video and My response to the Video there is nothing there but rocks in the original photo Screenshot
  9. Mick West

    Debunked: Celtic Cross on Mars [Impression from Screw Head on X-Ray Spectrometer]

    Source: This image of a cross in a circle on the surface of Mars is real. It's from the Opportunity rover, Sol 3720. It's from the Microscopic Imager camera, so it's quite small. The most obvious clue is that it look like...
  10. sgirl

    New NASA pic of what looks like old ruins on Mars

    What do you think? Is this an old ruin from an ancient civilization? That's what I've been reading around the net today.