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    I have been seeing high altitude contrails since the 60's. In 1965 Glasgow Airport opened and there was a sharp increase in the number of flights in and out of the Airport which had previously been a Fleet Air Arm airfield,HMS Sanderling.
    Being 10 yo at this time it was exciting to see lots more aircraft and there were some boys in my class at school who were planespotters. Through these pals I got to know different types of civilian planes arriving and departing Glasgow Airport. We would also watch contrails in the sky, usually on a NW heading and I distinctly remember some of the trails stretching right over the skies. Of course at that time it was a big thing to see these contrails as there weren't as many flights back then.
    Don't see much mention of "contrails" here in Scotland but there are groups elsewhere who constantly post videos on FB proclaiming "here be chemtrails". Try here