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    None. That's why the discussion is concentrating specifically on the video footage.

    On the other hand, I don't think we have any particular reason to suspect the audio is faked, but given the people involved in the TTSA enterprise and its "mission", it could very well be.
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    Quoting Agent from the Nimitiz thread...

    Great find! And check out this passage therefrom...

    Bang! As I understand it, "image rotation" is used as a term to specifically mean correcting the gimbal-camera output to the user's orientation. I had predicted the rotation we observe as LOS approaches 0˚ might be driven by an expected-target-location algorithm, and in fact the tracking system has a "track position prediction routine" used to produce the optimal user experience.

    Reference 2 noted therein is...
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    According to Jeremy Corbell, talking in this recent video, the Gimbal UFO encounter happened in 2015.

    Starting around 8:00

    "It was a completely separate series of events that has not been clarified by the department of defense or by anybody.. and I will just say because it's going to come out soon.. I have a number of sources that obviously I work with over these years.. That video; the Gimbal one is from a separate series of events and I'll say it's off the East Coast and it's actually only 3 years old. It was early in 2015."

    Source: https://vimeo.com/251614438/020d1b2018
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    it sounds like Fravor said this too in a Boston Globe article (although he could be talking about this alleged "third" video TTS says they will release)

    the Bermuda Triangle is off the East Coast :) just saying.
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    Just noticed that a video we've looked at before has a rotating jet-engine lens flare...


    Bang! This isn't just an example of a rotating lens flare, but from jet engines. Only too obvious! It's from this video, and I inverted from white=hot to black=hot (perfectly reasonable to do) to compare.

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    Nice! I've added this to the OP.
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    What's driving this flare rotation, a camera rotation or the changing angle of the source? I'd think the latter wouldn't be sufficient to do it, but there's an easy impression or illusion that the rotation is tied to the source's changing angle.
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    Here's a video run of the side-by-side...

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