1. Martin M Beard

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    Hi all

    Firstly, let me thank Mick and you all for accepting me here on Metabunk.

    I’d like to tell you the tale of how I ended up here and hopefully it will make sense to old and new alike.

    Please note, I have nothing bad to say about anyone I have worked with. The only person I genuinely have a problem with (and so do most people, from both sides) is Ian Simpson from Lookup.org

    My story goes back to 2007 when (in my late twenties) I was a single bloke still in pub mode and getting pretty sodden each weekend (and most nights) just because I could. Whilst working for one of the biggest pharma companies in the world, Eli Lilly & Company I was introduced to big bearded south african chap who asked me to take a look at the Zeitgeist movie…

    Thats where it all began…

    From there I was amazed at what I thought was absolute proof the world we live in was a complete lie. It snowballed from there, Alex Jones, David Icke, Edge TV, The UK Column (I am sure you know what I mean). My whole world changed in a few months and I very quickly became a recluse, spending more and more time sitting in my then flat and drinking lots to numb the pain of this so called truth. I spent many month and years trying to figure out where my place was in all of this. Am I part of a select few? What is my role in all of this? I MUST try to convert those who slumber! I MUST cure all these zombies with the anti-virus of truth! Well that where my problems began………..

    I distanced myself from my then friends (or rather they distanced themselves from me) and I began a personal crusade to find other folk like myself…..and I did!

    This led on and on and ended up with me setting up a local group in Hampshire for like minded folk. This was assisted by Malcolm Massey from the UK Column who put me in contact with an individual. We had monthly meetings where we all met at a local pub to discuss topics such as Chemtrails, Politics, UFO’s, Shadow Governments, Freemasonary etc etc etc. I have to say, it was great being with people again, I felt incredibly relieved but I felt there was a lot more to be done….

    This led me to become part of something called Mass Action Demand. I know that members of Metabunk are familiar with this as this was where I was introduced to Metabunk for the first time albeit in a dark light. I was told by many people that Metabunk & Mick West were shills, I shouldn't talk to anyone there etc etc and at the time I believed what they all said. Hook, line and sinker. Even at that time, I asked those what evidence they had to support their claims, the response I got was “they just are”. Well, that was enough for me, “you won't catch me on that site” I once said………(irony right there).

    I took many photographs and videos of aircraft and uploaded them as ‘proof’ as all chemtrailers do, and I even bought a new camera with a 500mm telephoto lens to catch the varmits at it and guess what, I caught them EVERYTIME! Spraying us like bugs the dirty ********! It was time I made my mark!!!

    I actually cannot remember the first person I spoke to on Mass Action Demand but either way, I ended up working alongside Sylvain Henry and there are still shows online that feature myself (then known as Martin Beard). I did quite a few online shows and attended quite a few marches in London, attended RAF Mildenhall, the Farnborough International Trade Show, The MET Office, University Of Surrey and a few other places in my pursuit of the truth.

    Around this time I also became a host on Dark City Radio with my show ‘The Week In Bits’. Dark City is something different and to this day, I hold the team there in the highest regards as their efforts in multiple areas of health and wellbeing are at the forefront of alternative medicine.

    I have rambled on a bit above so I shall try to make the rest a quick read,

    After all of the above I also became heavily involved with the anti fracking community, this is where you could say I ‘peaked’. I attended the Balcombe protests on a good dozen occasions and made many more contacts culminating in November 2014 where I hit a proverbial brick wall.

    By this point I had worked with and been in contact with/met some amazing folk, Ian R Crane, Terry lawton, Olga Raffa, Harry Rhodes, Sylvain Henry, Ben Emlyn Jones, Fabrice Bardsley, Max Bliss, The Dark City Crew, Vanessa Vine, Mark Windows, Vinnie Eastwood, Ingibjörg Gunnlaugsdóttir, Roxy Lopez, and Brian Gerrish. Some of whom I still remain in contact with to this day.

    But all was not well in camp Beard back in November 2014.

    I do not know the exact moment or quite what happened but I had been on a pilot episode of ‘After Dusk’ where I had met a few activists, one being an ex commercial airline pilot and one being an ex counter terrorism officer at Gatwick airport.

    I think from this point I started to question this chemtrail agenda I was pushing on everyone. Questions such as “Is it logistically possible?” “Why are populations continuing to grow if we are indeed being sprayed?” “If we are indeed being sprayed then how come nobody has actually come out and provided factual hard evidence considering the sheer amount of people that would need to be involved in such an operation?” “Are patents evidence?” The list of questions just filled my mind and I could not ignore them any more.

    Slowly I withdrew from the ‘truth’ community, I could deal with all the presumptions and connecting of no’s to create a yes. The conspiracy theorist died in me back in November 2014, and a critical and common sense thinker was in fact born out of the confusion and craziness of all the many topics trutherville had exposed me too. It was at this point I came to where I am currently…..

    I learnt a lot from my days as a conspiracy theorist. How to sort the proverbial wheat from the chaff. We know governments are corrupted, we know the bankers are bent as a two bob note, we know peadophilia runs rampant through the governments and their corporate buddies.

    I know about how the Police work, especially the National Crime Agency after being falsely accused of something I did not do. (And spending almost two and half years on pre charge bail!) I’ve done my research…

    I know how the councils work with council tax, as with the Carla Buckle case which I was privy to much documentation on and met with those instrumental to her release. I’ve done my research....

    I know about the mass surveillance state and snooping by agencies, having worked and met with some influential people in encryption, penetration testing and hacking both private and government. Kali being a prime word here. I’ve done my research

    I have learned that the psychology of a ‘conspiracy theorist’ boils down to the simple fact that we live in a World where we feel powerless, where we have no control. Where a fairy tale can be grasped again as if we were a child, except this time, we are older and wiser and can distinguish what is the truth and what is a lie, or at least that's what we like to believe.

    I am not here to berate, belittle, scold, annoy, hate, ridicule, chastise, laugh at, mock, or on the flip side, praise anyone from the truth movement. I am here to learn. And every time I wake in the morning and smell my coffee, I use all my senses, not just the sense of smell. Because trusting one sense without another often leads down a very dark and misleading rabbit hole.

    That's my two pennies worth…..take it or leave it, just introducing who I am and hopefully that comes through.

    And on that note, (if you have not fallen asleep yet) I look forward to much good reading here on Metabunk.

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  2. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you very much for writing that Martin, fascinating reading. And something that is quite encouraging - as it often seems like people who are deep down the the rabbit hole are unreachable. Based on your description, I'm sure it seemed that way to people who originally tried to reach you.

    I've got a question related to this:

    The question being: Did Metabunk help or hinder, and if so, how?

    Some true believers will attempt to engage Metabunk, sometimes by posting here, and sometimes on Facebook or Twitter. But it seems that a common tactic by the more vocal is simply "poisoning the well" - i.e. simply saying that Metabunk is full of "shills and hence should simply be avoided or ignored. So if I were to write an article explaining a quite simple and verifiable point (for example, there are no geoengineering patents that mention strontium) - that might have a backfire effect of convincing people that the opposite is true, simply because they are predisposed to believe the opposite of whatever is posted here.

    So, I'd be very interested in what you think we are doing right, and what we are doing wrong.
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  3. Martin M Beard

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    "The question being: Did Metabunk help or hinder, and if so, how?"

    In short, help.

    Why? Because from my perception (and my own unbiased opinion) Metabunk promotes critical thinking and reason. Not to mention a 'common sense' approach to research as opposed to a scatter gun approach.

    An interesting similarity I have made since seeing things from both sides of the fence is that there are both folk who will try the soft approach, and there are those who try the hard approach. I think it is down to an individual to make their own mind up in their own time. as a natural negotiator , I have always sat on the fence when two sides conflict due to a belief system of either a group or an individual. The whole adopting of belief systems is a huge can of worms.

    What is Metabunk doing right and wrong? That isn't for me comment on, that's down to those who come across this site and its plethora of information. I like to refer to Metabunk to myself as the Wikipedia of debunk, or the encyclopedia of debunktanica.

    I have seen a lot of individuals making posts on this site trying to "poison the well" and I cannot say I have seen any of your members going onto chemtrail groups sticking a size 12 in. That said, I vaguely remember one of your members, HamnEggs making comments on my old YouTube channel. He/she was just exercising his/her ability to make comments as everyone else.

    Often its best to keep ones opinions to oneself if one does not want a response.

    Hope that answers your question Mick. Keep up the good work.
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  4. NoParty

    NoParty Senior Member

    I agree with this, though I see it from a slightly different angle:
    My sense is that--unlike 99% of the web--posters here won't cherry pick just the
    data that seems to support their view...and if someone else does, many here will gently,
    politely, call it out. Getting it right trumps* defending one's initial position.

    Also, I totally agree with MW asking you "...what you think we are doing right, and what we are doing wrong," though I also believe that the very things that might bring one person
    farther away from scary, unsupported theories, may push the next person closer to them. o_O

    Oh, and welcome.

    *God, it's hard to use the word "trump" these days...knowing how perverted its potential implications currently can be...
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  5. Hama Neggs

    Hama Neggs Senior Member

    Not that I remember, but I suspect you just dismissed me as a "shill". ;)
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  6. Martin M Beard

    Martin M Beard New Member

    Probably! :p
  7. NoParty

    NoParty Senior Member

    I know I always have!! ;)
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  8. tinkertailor

    tinkertailor Senior Member

    Hey Martin,
    I know people who are just as far down the rabbit hole as you were, and as I'm sure a few people on this forum know it can be a very exhausting and scary affair. One of the reasons I found myself coming back to Metabunk to lurk was because it was such a logical, soothing place to be when living in a community that shouts 'wake up' 'look up' 'they're watching' 'they know' day in and day out. There's this behavior that some abusive people use called gaslighting, where the abuser convinces the victim that she or he is crazy by lying about things that happened in reality. Being around people in the rabbit hole feels a lot like this. After months of hearing CTs and being told that there was a plot in everything, one begins to question whether they might be wrong in their non-CT beliefs. Metabunk became a sanctuary in a time of need, and the Rabbit Hole forum was my favorite. This post is the rabbit hole post that makes me the most happy, though they all are great!
    Reading your incredible story of recovery gives me hope that some day, some how, the true believers in my life might get better. It really helps to know that there's a possibility of hope hidden in the tangled mess of conspiracy.
    Thank you.
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