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    So here's a new take on this incident that I came across today on another forum I frequent.

    Apparently, this guy has photographic evidence that a diver in black (isn't everything nefarious) can be seen around Dr. Fuddy's body following the crash. His theory is that this "black ops diver" injected her with one of the CIA's infamous heart attack drugs, thus killing her.

    Here's his page:


    For me, it looks like a case of pareidolia - It always raises a red flag for me when someone has to draw lines around something to tell me what I'm seeing. I'm assuming that it could also be a rescue diver, but I don't know enough about the incident to know if the timing lines up.

    And then there's the other question - WHY? What's the point of killing her now? And why create such an overly complicated death when she could have simply been killed in a botched burglary or some other commonly occurring incident?
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    Does anyone know for sure that the CIA really has "heart attack drugs?"
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  4. Mick West

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    It's just someone's leg.
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    What doesn't make sense is a diver surfacing to deliver an injection and risking being seen when he could just have administered it from below.
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    So, the argument here is that--because Luddy authenticated a birth certificate that
    enraged the so-called "birthers"--the birthers staged a plane crash and hired
    Johnny Cash to poke her with a special drug, to somehow un-do her authentication?

    Pretty obvious when you think about it.
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    Now that I look at it again, I think you're correct. Of course, when you basically draw a diver on it, it begins to look like a diver.
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    I would agree…and we just had a similar (see or hear what you expect to) situation here yesterday, re. people being told that the Weather Channel had said that:

    "it is Saturday March first and of course we are starting meteorological spraying…" and most of us then heard it that way,
    until someone (solrey, to give credit where due) wisely pointed out that Sunday was "meteorological spring," a concept somewhat less incendiary.

    One significant difference here, though, might be that the "diver" artistry was done by a guy who precedes the pics with phrases like
    "….because of her close ties to the fraudulent Obama Birth Certificate" which may lead some to expect him to be less impartial than the Weather Channel
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    Why would it be ridiculous to orchestrate something like that for such an ordinary cause of death? I don't understand your reasoning.

    This Gif image was made from 12 frames of the video. The action did not takes place center frame, but since the original video but was high resolution I was able to zoom in. The method I used was to simply take the 12 frames where the object appears and adjust each one to the horizon as well as I could. I then cropped the size and uploaded them into an online Gif maker. I have showed it numerous times and never tell anyone what they are looking at. I have never had anyone say anything other than a scuba diver.

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    Well, I don't see a diver there. I haven't read the rest of this thread but I see what looks like a bent knee and an outstretched leg, wearing black trousers.
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    I don't see the yellow but all in all Id say that is a pretty good match. Definitely more plausible.