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    Just added a new post to contrailscience.com:


    It was inspired by a YouTube message exchange from Harold Saive, in which he indicated he though this video was proof of spraying, becaue there was no visible gap between the engines and the contrails:


    This was the most "no gap" it gets:


    There is a gap though, it's just very short, like this:

    Plus the video is shot from a bit of an angle (nose to tail), so it looks even shorter.
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    The aircraft is an A380 with one of the longest, if not the longest wing chord of any aircraft. The gap is there, just difficult to see against the white of the wing. The chord at the wing root is over 17 meters.
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    I see that Saive has ripped off another video. The fellow he got it from has a nice setup and does legitimate photography. Here is the source:

    Harold Saive has shown over and over that he isn't above anything to draw attention to this hoax, to him the ends justifies any means even if he has to cheat, lie or steal.
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    Harold Saive is reposting the same photos and I called him on the misattribution:


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    They edit thumbs down too :| how classy