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    In a 2015 interview with George Knapp, Bob Lazar makes a drawing of the S-4 facility doors.

    he doors Bob Lazar described and drew were not in the middle of the hangar wall, they were up in the far corner in a straight line.


    Is it even possible to see through that many doors in this described angle (check the photo and video as well) and observe what it is inside, in every different hangar bay ?

    I think it is impossible. No human eye can see straight through those small doors and clearly see what is inside each hangar (there were 9 hangars). Even if he saw the edge of the first object, all others should be in parallelly and not visible.

    Transcript (in video watch from 12:56 until 14:32)

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=807&v=RL05VXrQTkk


    • [​IMG]
      A view through some aligned doors. (special thanks to Mick West)
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    this pic was posted in 2012 (before your interview). It was supposedly drawn by Lazar and the original source link is attached to the post.
    photo link with date

    the handwriting says "sliding door"

    I'm not sure his inability to draw a side perspective (2015 interview) accurately is really proof of anything. he does put his little spaceship way in the back of the hangar as well.
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    Are we certain, this drawing belongs to Bob Lazar ?

    I think this picture is not full, look at the left side where it ends. Any possibility to find it full ? (i already searched)

    That is a discrepancy in his storytelling. In this 2015 inerview, he was saying "the main doors here roll up, however inside there are "regular doors" and on one ocasion these doors were all open and when i came in into the ..."

    He is telling about 9 hangars, all "regular doors" in his latest drawing are lined up. Why anyone wants to put these objects in front of the doorways and block the passage ? they can simply move them closer to "the main doors".


    If we are talking about (picture you've posted). The other object, which is barely seen, totally covers any visibility. But if they are really flat and low objects, you can see threw (honestly, i don't think this is the case). Anyway it is hard hypothetically to suggest how those objects looks like in 2-dimensional drawing.
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    I couldn't find anything on "jfi.net" in the Wayback Machine.

    JFI apparently means "Jon Farhat, Inc".

    the sketches do show up on "boblazar.com" in year 2000 https://web.archive.org/web/19991117142140/http://www.boblazar.com:80/protected/sketches.htm

    although that websites appears to be owned by Jon Farhat as well.

    It does seem Jon and Bob are 'business partners' of some sort. I'm very unfamiliar with Lazars story though, Im sure you can find more info on the relationship between Lazar and Farhat.
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    I think the exact alignment of the doors and line of sight is a bit of a moot point, since they both come from his claimed recollection. If he recalls being able to see through several doors, then that's how he recalls seeing the doors. It's not difficult to arrange a line of sight so you can see stuff.

    Metabunk 2018-07-08 09-45-21.

    More of an issue is that he also recalls seeing exotic craft in each hanger. That's what's really lacking evidence.
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    Anyway, i think that is the case. It is Bob's drawing. I looked in other handwritings of him. I'm not a graphologist, but some letters looks very simillar or almost identical compared to handwritings in 2012 and 1990's pictures.



    First of all, i don't think his story has inconsistency. In this 2015 inerview, he was saying "the main doors here roll up, however inside there are "regular doors" and on one ocasion these doors were all open and when i came in into the ..."
    Now as i see in 2012 picture, it's clearly written "sliding doors". Also, he draw them in different shapes.


    Picture, S4 (2012)

    Another thing, if you want to see all objects in all of those hangars. They should be at least not the same size (flying saucers). Otherwise, they gonna cover each other, just like you see in the picture.
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    Not True
    Metabunk 2018-07-09 03-07-25.
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    I was wrong (my imagination included). You are right.
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    Just to play devils advocate. Does he say he only saw in the hangars open on one specific occasion . Or could he have seen them open multiple times and been walking around to look in each one?

    Edit: I just listened to the section you highlighted and more. And it really does sound like a well fabricated story. When he says "ppl say I don't sound like a scientist.. that's because I want everyone to understand." it's as if he's covering all his tracks, Bc he obviously does not sound like a military scientist... as far as being able to see at that angle: he made several remarks to being there multiple times.. the whole thing sounds made up though, so the optics of being able to see are probably irrelevant
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    He clearly said :
    • B.L. - These doors were yeah...these doors were all open and you can see that there were different craft in each so those are the doors i'm talking about.
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    Yeah I hadn't listened to it when I first wrote that. It likely never happened though..
  12. Starman

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    I don't wanna go too much in the story. He has extraordinary claims with no evidence to back it up. I'm really a fan of ufo/aliens stuff. Read many articles, watched many videos, read couple of books. Always looking for errors and Bol Lazar has them.
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    Same w me big UFO fan though it is tough to find real evidence. A couple of red flags with the above Bob Lazar video for me where him claiming to have worked in the military but he repeatedly used "civilian" language. He said things like: "everyone had a buddy to work with" "we got an overview of the materials and projects." In my opinion Nobody in the military would refer to a partner as a buddy or a briefing as an overview. Those were just 2 examples off the top of my head
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    If he worked with simple people (not from army), i find it legit.
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    I spent a decade in the military and the word buddy is used more often than you would think. The Army has battle buddys. The Air Force uses the buddy system in an attempt to stop sexual assault. When working around classified material I always had a "buddy" presumably to stop any attempts to steal info. Im not sure what you mean by simple people

    A briefing and an overview are two different things. I was in the miltary, and used the words overview and buddy at least once a day. Your point has no validity

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