1. MikeG

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    From a story by the Activist Post website:



    Essentially, the author is conflating immunization with paranoia about draconian government and rolling veterans into it for additional impact.

    I started doing my research by locating the actual bill. It is located here:


    The whole passage reads as follows. The boldface emphasis is mine

    Chapter 17 of U.S. Code pertaining to veterans’ medical care, specifically 1712(4)(e) is here. Again, boldface emphasis is mine.


    I could not find any references to “over ninety vaccines” in the U.S. Code. However, I did locate actual VA recommendations for vaccines. There are ten and, again, the term “recommended” is prominent.


    I can offer some anecdotal evidence as well. I am a veteran and became a registered volunteer for the Veterans Administration this year. Aside from a standard background check, I also had medical screening to determine my immunities and had the option of updating my shots, to include immunization for Hepatitis B. It was clear throughout the process that everything was voluntary. If I declined shots, all the VA wanted was a signed waiver.

    After all, the omnipotent global power structure doesn’t want to get sued.

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  2. vonmazur

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    I am a Vet, and the VA has never required a vaccination of any type of me...About all they did was recommend the Flu shot....Which I was free to decline....I think this sort of hyperbole, as noted above, does nothing useful...
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  3. Svartbjørn

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    Yanno.. normally when we Vets are tapped for something, we get a letter in the mail demanding our attention. I havent gotten anything in the mail from the VA or anyone else except junk mail. My home of record, phone number AND current address are all on file with Uncle Sam, the VA, American Legion and The Marine Corps League. ONE of them, Im SURE, would have reached out to me to let me know of some mandatory vaccination.
  4. Fr Michigan

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    LOL I had NO IDEA that these type of web sites are FAKE


    Every post from the last 2 days is GONE?

    LOL Wow. Amazing. < shaking my head > I am absolutely stunned.
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  5. Landru

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    The posts were moved to Open Discusson as they didn’t meet posting guidelines. You should read them.
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  6. Svartbjørn

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    Or.. yanno, you could check your notifications and see where the discussions been moved to:



    instead of jumping to conclusions. Just my two cents tho.

    BTW.. thats MY notification, just for clarification of the situation... cant think of any more tion words; :p
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  7. Donny Darkages

    Donny Darkages New Member

    I don't see how quoting a proposed law is hyperbole or not useful. Veterans fought so that their country would remain free. According to the quoted proposed law, veterans will not be free to decline a simple flu shot if it's on some paid-off official's list of recommended shots. Veterans earned their health care through serving their country, and should not have to do inject themselves with whatever Big Pharm decides in order to keep it.
  8. Landru

    Landru Moderator Staff Member

    Please quote the part of the law that says it is mandatory.
  9. LouV

    LouV Member

    I really don't get where this law say that.
    From my reading, this law isn't even for the veterans, but for the health care services who provide them various things. From what I read, vaccines are seen as something that veterans must have access to if they desire ; and apparently, there was a need to improve this access, or insure that this access doesn't become subpar in the future.
    The other sections talk about other services ; I don't imagine that all veterans will have to see a chiropractor or get a prostethic ???
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  10. MikeG

    MikeG Senior Member

    Veterans Administration doctors and staff are subject to the provisions established in the U.S. Code that I included in the original post.

    Moreover, one of the basic principles that governs their actions is informed consent.

    This is from the 2009 Veterans Health Administration Handbook 1004.1, page 1.

    In other words, all doctors, nurses, and staff are required by this policy, as well as the U.S. Code, to protect their patients.

    To monitor compliance, the VA maintains an Office of Inspector General. This agency is essentially the first layer. Beyond that, there is Congressional oversight. Beyond that are private citizens with the right to initiate legal action in the event their rights are abused.

    The linkage between VA doctors and "Big Pharm" is pure speculation that has no relation to the facts.

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  11. Al Newman

    Al Newman New Member

    I find it reprehensible that a website would post this with no footnotes or any other evidence, and just use this as a springboard to try to prove some conspiracy theory. As a matter of fact, who the hell is Activist Post anyway? Some of their other articles are so full of disinformation, and people just eat up- I notice on thing- Russia looks damn good.. Hmmm.. I wonder.
  12. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    Plus if Krystan Meghan isnt completely freaking out, I'm sure we don't need to.