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    The claim is that CNBC Anchor Ron Insana called Building 7 a ‘Controlled Implosion’

    AE911Truth call this a "Bombshell":
    Well, it's true that Insana identifies WTC7 - but it is also an impossibility that he is correct. Simply take a look at a map of the Financial District, bearing in mind that the New York Stock Exchange is located at 11 Wall St and Trinity Church is at 75 Broadway, at the intersection with Wall St:


    Here is a Google StreetView from Wall St somewhere between The Exchange (in your back) and the church (visible on the left):

    StreetView 20WallSt towards WTC.

    You see there are several buildings between the location that Insana described and WTC7. Also, WTC7 is almost 600 meters away as the crow flies from Trinity Church.

    So since WTC7 was so very far away, and had already collapsed on the day Insana is talking about and could not be seen at all from there, and could not possibly have reached Trinity Church, let alone the Exchange, his statement is obvious and utter nonsense.

    The most realistic explanation I see is that perhaps he was thinking about the Deutsche Bank Building aka Bankers Trust bldg. at 130 Liberty St, which was located where the word "[W New York ]Downtown" to the left of "McDonald's" is in my map - that building was badly damaged any indeed later demolished - although that took YEARS, and had nothing at all to do with getting the Exchange up and running by next Monday.

    The real problem here of course lies with AE911Truth, who failed to do a reality check before accepting that Insana really meant WTC7.[/I][/I]
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  2. Mick West

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    He is almost certainly remembering talk about One Liberty Plaza, which is due North of Trinity Church. It was not badly damaged. But people still thought it was tilting over.

    Metabunk 2019-09-26 08-14-07.

    Donald Friedman, who started work at the WTC 9/11 site on 9/12, describes rumors it was going to fall in his book, After 9-11: An Engineer's Work at the World Trade Center.

    He also explains why people thought it was leaning
    Besides this, it's key to point out that this was Insana's recollection of events on Sept 12 or after, whereas WTC Building 7 collapsed on Sept 11.
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  3. Mick West

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  4. deirdre

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    plus the AETruth quote happens at 8:35 in the podcast. They question his timeline. but the preface to that "timeline" is made clear starting at 8:11 in the podcast. Insana is clear it was the next morning

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  5. Oystein

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    Well, the AE article addresses this / constructs excuses for this...
    And I can somewhat agree, in a general sort of way, with at least the third proposition being a possibility - that he conflates two or more distinct experiences as happening at the same time or on the same day, when in fact they happened at different times and days. Such is human memory - recollection of time (sequence, point in time, duration) is very much subject to all sorts of mental errors.

    It's the spatial problems - the distance of WTC7 from Church and Exchange - that make his story impossible. There is an easy fix, which AE911Truth very consciously glosses over by expressing Total Faith in the Truth of this detail:

    Yes, true, "he clearly identifies Building 7 as the building he is talking about" indeed - but that has got to be false. The fix is One Liberty. Since One Liberty was never, in fact, demolished, the timeline is a non-issue.

    Oh, and by the way, the very next sentence is flat-out wrong:
    (My bolding)
    But what Insana actually said - and AE911Truth even emphasize this in their article:
    (Bolding AE911Truth's, red font mine)

    "Later on" suggests that this was only an intention directed into the future, as seen from 9/12, not an expression of an event firmly in the past, as the verb form "was" suggests.
    One may construe Insana's words to mean that "manage for one to take that down" implies that eventually it was taken down, but that is not what he say, and he certainly does note state this "clearly".

    @deirdre - I can't open "Bernie and Sid in the Morning" - the "403 Forbidden" probably indicates that I am in a wrong country (outside USA). Would it be possible for you to extract the audio and post it?
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  6. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    I don't have any such programs on my new laptop because I don't have much storage space. so let's ask @Mick West to do it. :)


    I just think his story about that day jives. He even mentions losing his ID the day before on 9/11 when he was IN the midst of the collapses. and how he specifically had an interview at the location of the Exchange Floor THE FOLLOWING DAY, which is where he was looking at the tilting building from.

    I just think it's disingenuous to suggest he mixed up the days, but not that he accidentally mixed up one liberty plaza with one of the wtc buildings (18 years later).

  7. Oystein

    Oystein Active Member

    Here is One Liberty Plaza looming over Trinity Church - again, we are looking (roughly) in the direction of WTC7:

    StreetView 01WallSt towards WTC.
  8. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    decided there are probably media reports, and there are

    footage report 9/12/2001 (correspondant Gary Tuchman)

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFWpRGZJp0k
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  9. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    note: I found this sentence odd, as far as wording. but it just dawned on me that perhaps he meant "So they did manage, for One [liberty plaza] to take that down..." ???
  10. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    here is Isani, Wednesday evening, Sept 12, 2001, specifically talking about (briefly) One Liberty Plaza holding up the opening of the stock exchange. 2:15 minute mark

    Source: https://archive.org/details/nbc200109121923-2004

  11. Jeffrey Orling

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    why was One Liberty Plaza in danger of collapsing?
  12. Mick West

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    It wasn't. That's the point.
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