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    Claim: A paranormal group says it captured an image of the legendary ghost of Eva Gray


    First off, if they did capture the ghost of Eva Gray she has shrunk to a mere 24" high or so, as her ghost only covers 4 stair risers.

    a bit hard to see but see the size of people sitting on the stairs

    And she has no head. In the closeup, filtered shot they provide it is much easier to see that what looks like (paeidolia) hair is actually just the carpeted stair. Just cover her 'face' with your finger and you'll see it is just carpeted stair.

    The wall (esp the wide base board) next to the 'appartition' is lit up in that photo, and light spill (see examples below) would explain some of the 'dress', but the light also lights up the stairs a bit there which can be seen in the closeup, filtered photo provided by EVPparanormal of Maine.


    light sources often 'bleed' out in photos. as can be seen even in historical photos.


    but i think too the flashlight which would be reflecting off wide glossy molding is most likely also illuminating the stairs in that location

    While there is a light in the doorway above the stairs, this light does not reflect on the wall in the rest of their videos*, so i think the source is the flashlight they are moving around the room which can be seen at the end of this video. Whoever is holding the flashlight is off camera to the right, in this video the flashlight is seen primarily in the balcony area moving around.



    *It is interesting to note too, that the two videos of that night EVPparanormal present on their FB page, are taken from the location of the 'ghost photo'. They provide no still shots from that location. So i think the ghost photo is a a single frame they captured from a video. A video not presented as it most likely shows the flashlight moving to that location.
    [edit add: yes the ladies admit it was from a video tape:

    note: Eva Gray did die in the Theater in 1904, after singing "Goodbye, Little Girl, Goodbye. Her young daughter was in attendance. Sad story.


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  2. Mick West

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    I think it's fairly telling they have not released the video from which the image is taken, as the surrounding frames probably have clues as to what this actually is.

    It does seem to bleed into the handrail. This might be because there's something close to the camera, like a bug, that's simply blurring the area.
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    youre right, i thought there was just moulding but theres also a handrail there.. even more reflection options