1. S

    Providence Hotel Ghost

    Bit of an older video but still one that I’m puzzled by. A man records a light flicking off and on in his hotel room, before it eventually starts to swing continuously on its own without stopping. I thought it was string at first but it doesn’t appear to reflect off the light when it goes on and...
  2. Rocky

    Gettysburg 'ghosts’ run across road [Windscreen smudge]

    So this came up on the NY Post website today on the main page with the headline... Gettysburg 'ghosts’ run across road in this bone-chilling video Source...
  3. deirdre

    Biddeford Theater ghost (Pareidolia)

    Claim: A paranormal group says it captured an image of the legendary ghost of Eva Gray
  4. ParanoidSkeptic

    1940s "Ghost" Baby at Queensland, Australia cemetery

    In the mid 1940s a woman took a photo of her daughter's grave. When the photo was developed, on the image she saw a supposed ghost of an infant. The supposed ghost wasn't her daughter as her daughter was 17 when she died. Is there any other explanation for this photo aside from it being a ghost...
  5. Robert Tankersley

    disneyland security cameras.

    What did the cameras catch?. It looks like a glitch to me. [video added, please include all relevant information in post as per 'no-click' policy]
  6. Mick West

    Explained: Hampton Court Ghost Photo [iPhone Panorama Glitch]

    This photo is doing the rounds as a "ghost" photo, largely because it was taken in Hampton Court, a historic English house with a reputation for hauntings. However it's just the result of taking a panoramic photo in low light on the iPhone. Panoramic photos are done by holding the camera up...
  7. Mick West

    Debunked: Cooper/Copper family ghost photo

    This image has been knocking around the internet for a few years, often as part of collections like "top ten unexplained ghost photos", with stories like: Sometime in the 1950s the Cooper family of Texas bought an old house and moved into it...
  8. Mackdog

    Ghost at police station

    This story has been showing up on many major news outlets the past couple of days. The claim is that a ghost walked across the fenced in area of a police station in a small town in New Mexico a couple nights ago. They have camera footage of it, however it is of low quality, but it shows what...