1. KC-10FE

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    A cloud highway?



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  2. Mick West

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    Very nice, l don't suppose you know what altitude this was at? Clouds don't look like contrail altitude, so I'm wonder how it was formed - maybe just the downwash stirring up?
  3. scombrid

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    Well it is a very flat layer of stratiform water clouds. Looks like the top of a marine layer. Would love to know the altitude.

    The super-straightness of the feature is interesting. Fairly light unidirections wind in that layer and something was travelling straight upwind or downwind I suppose. So was it the turbulent wake that altered the cloud? Was it a change in particle/droplet size in response to particulates in the exhaust as in a ship track? What do ship tracks look like viewed from an airplane? I've only seen satellite images.
  4. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    It just needs unidirectional winds to be straight. Does not matter what directions the plane/ship is going in.
    Ship tracks/trails sounds plausible. But I also can only find satellite images.

    Here's a trail in a cloud layer, hard to see from above (and at around noon, so overhead sun), but might be more apparent with the right lighting.
  5. scombrid

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    I wonder if the following article has any accompanying photos. I can only get the abstract here.

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  6. Soulfly

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    Invisible chemtrail plane runway. :)
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  7. KC-10FE

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    The first two pictures were at FL280, coming in over the Gulf of Oman, and the last one was cruising out at FL250. I should have clarified, the first 2 picture were of "highway" the 3rd picture [now below] was in the morning, just of the different clouds.

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  8. Mick West

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  9. WeedWhacker

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    Ya know, those great satellite images are perfect for what I sometimes try to explain to people who believe in the 'chem"trail myth. I often will suggest that they take time to review any and all that they can find, and to compare to any going back decades, to see that there really is no appreciable change in the percentage of cloud coverage, globally.

    Of course, this suggestion usually either falls on deaf ears...or, those I suggest it to never reply (perhaps out of embarrassment?), so I get no actual feedback.
  10. Mick West

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    NASA Worldview is endlessly fascinating. Just scrolling and zooming around today's image is incredible.
  11. deirdre

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  12. Mick West

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    There are two satellites, they (basically) both take one picture of every spot on the Earth around noon. So you have to get lucky.
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  13. KC-10FE

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    Yep, I forgot I am about 9 hours ahead of EST, so that checks, wow what a picture! It was on the 4th about 1130 our time. We were on an airway, which does have quite a bit of traffic heading into Dubai/Abu Dhabi
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  14. Mick West

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    Cool, so it seems like what you are seeing is a "canal cloud" (essentially a long fallstreak hole), viewed from a very acute angle, and at a fairly early stage in development. From below, a bit later, it would look like:

    The description the above image:
    Being in warmer climes, your altocumulus deck would be a bit higher.

    Very cool image, and quite unusual!
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