1. Quality Stairs

    Quality Stairs New Member

    Thank you for the welcome
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  2. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome Mike, and thanks!
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  3. Mendel

    Mendel Member


    I've been looking into Flat Earth for a few weeks now, come across metabunk on Google searches, and then @Rory planted the notion in my mind to look more closely. The section on how to debink and psychology is interesting, and probably needs more work? because I'm still fairly clueless as to what I'm doing, and how to trigger the kind of mental change that makes people question false beliefs--it sometimes looks as if the propagators of conspiracy theories have a better understanding of that than the debunkers, but then they're able to lie and deceive to do it...

    Recently, I've been thinking about Flat Earth physics, more specifically, what state science would be in if we took flat Earth for granted. There's a lot of astronomy going out the window, gyroscopes, wind, seismography, but the worst part is that light cannot be straight-line in many circumstances, i.e. many objects are not where you see them.

    The often-made claim is the refraction is hiding what we GEers believe to be hidden by curvature; it bends Polaris down, and bends tghe sunlight to reach us from another elevation and direction. And I know that's probably too unspecific for this forum, but is it even plausible? Can refraction with a strong negative coefficient explain these observations with no inferior mirage in evidence?

    --mendel (which has been my online name for such a long time now that I don't really consider signing up as anything else)
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  4. OnAMission

    OnAMission New Member

    Hi. Just discovered this site from reading Escaping the Rabbit Hole. I’m about half way through and it’s fantastic. I purchased the book because a very dear friend has fallen far down the Rabbit Hole. Deeply and severely via the YouTube algorithm of suggested viewing.
    As far as me I’m pretty much interested in these theories as an observation but generally not prone to falling for them. I research everything, although I do admit a belief in crystals as an adjunct to emotional healing. I am a hobbiest in personality theory, learning styles and psychology. I love learning why people do what they do and believe what they believe. My take is if one knows why, then a solution can be found.
    I also play French Horn in a community symphony orchestra, volunteer with animal rescue and instruct high performance on track driving. Diverse to say the least. Mostly I enjoy helping others. I look forward to learning here as well. Thanks for putting this site together. Well needed.
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  5. Paul K

    Paul K New Member


    I saw your book on the amazon kindle in an advertisement and bought it. I've been delving into 9/11 conspiracy theories for over 10 years spending time researching and debunking conspiracy claims like you have. My motivation for this is because I initially fell down the rabbit hole in college during an English class. Our professor had the simple grading system of writing 4 papers for the entire semester. The topic could be about anything, the only requirement was the correct usage of English, the use of 5 or more sources, and that we learned something. The professor used class time to help us generate ideas on what to write about through different means. One of the these was the "documentary" 9/11 In Plane Site.

    Initially I was fooled by the claims of this video, especially about their claims regarding the Pentagon with the appearance of the lack of evidence of a plane. With this newfound "knowledge," I decided to inform people on a music message board I frequently went on that flight 77 didn't hit the Pentagon on 9/11. People responded quickly by providing the link to Popular Mechanics and other evidence that 9/11 In Plane Site completely left out. I then realized I had been duped and climbed back out of the rabbit hole fairly quickly. One of the four papers I wrote involved debunking 9/11 conspiracy theories, and I received an A for the paper.

    From there I saw the 9/11 Debunked Series on youtube by Rkowens and decided to make an account thanking that person for exposing the lies out there. I've been on and off youtube for several years debunking 9/11 theories and doing what I can to expose the rabbit hole for what it is.
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  6. Mick Mahon

    Mick Mahon New Member

    Hello thanks for add.. I'm a builder who just likes the truth and love playing "devils advocate" so I can make my own mind up. Science 1st all else second :)
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  7. Bobby Shafto

    Bobby Shafto New Member

    Registering (finally) after months of using and referencing the site. Here mainly for any globe/flat earth discussion. Refugee from the flat earth society forums. Finding I still need an outlet to weigh in on the subject.
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  8. Critical Thinker

    Critical Thinker Senior Member

    Welcome new members, I have a long history of playing 'Devil's advocate' as a means to flesh out what a counterargument would look like, to test my own thoughts on different matters. Granted, not everyone appreciates having their beliefs tested and I have to bite my oft bitten tongue, but I think that is a darn shame that an intelligent person might be resistant to revealing just how sound the basis of their beliefs are.

    By the way, the folks here really appreciate when people read and adhere to the Posting Guidelines
  9. robbes

    robbes New Member

    Hello Mick and other Senior Forum members -

    What brings me here is the quest for truth. The internet, for all the wonderful things it affords us (such as sites like this one), has a fetid underbelly that emits a putrid stench of misinformation that can enter the undisciplined mind like a sinuous cloud of poison gas on a WWI battlefield. In no topic is this more so than the controversies that emerged from the ashes of the 9/11 attacks.

    Due to a friend having imbibed Kool-Aid laced with Trutherterium, I was getting pestered daily with all manner of rumors and specious claims that “proved” the Government was behind it all. Once he had let out that Hitler was actually a British Secret Agent, I was fed up and started researching what was feeding this madness. Over the years I have become a spirited - if vitriolic - debunker of 9/11 rumors and fantasies.

    When I started reading some of the threads on this site, I was impressed with the no-nonsense way a question or comment is treated by the Senior Members and site monitors. In a sort of dance of the muses, various members chime in at appropriate moments, offering an insight or tidbit more information that nudges the scales a little closer to the balance of plausibility. There is a high degree of keen intellect and an unrelenting demand for falsifiable data that characterizes the dialogue here and gives the forum gravitas and respectability.

    I have seen that a tenor of restraint is observed by members and that they don’t have an emotional investment in their conclusions. I’ve read over the posting guidelines and understand I will need to reign in my vitriol if I ever want my posts to see the light of day.

    I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to participate in some of the dialogue in these forums. I think what you do here is vitally important to our world and its future. You care about the integrity of the internet and you are dedicated to clearing the bunk that obscures the honest facts that lead to the truth. The very same inspires me.
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  10. Prop Due

    Prop Due New Member

    Hello, I'm mike and i just found this after picking up "Escaping the Rabbit Hole". I've been a skeptical conspiracy debunker for a long time, including the obligatory time banging my head against the wall at Above Top Secret. Now my main interest is Alex Jones, who I've been investigating alongside my friend Dan, host of the Knowledge Fight podcast.

    Anyway, glad to be here. Nice to meet you all.
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  11. mudr0

    mudr0 New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to the conspiracy theory debunking scene.... been at it for probably less than 2 months. Like others, it started with a friend on facebook. We've gone from false flag claims regarding Assad and chemical weapons, to 9/11, to the moon landing hoax conspiracy; it seems a bottomless pit.
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  12. bogdan9310

    bogdan9310 New Member

    Hello everyone! Looking forward to discussing with you all.
  13. Bob6

    Bob6 New Member

    Hi everybody! I have been drawn to this forum because I was tired to see/hear/read so much bs on UFOs. I hope I can find open-minded but critical discussions here. Thanks for having me!
  14. Arkangel

    Arkangel New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm Arkangel. I found this forum because i really wanted to go to a forum where i can be able to get opinions about certain topics from truthers themselves. :D
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  15. MCToon

    MCToon New Member

    Bobby, fancy meeting you here. I’m also registering for the first time here.

    I have started a video series where I interview a flat earther in a friendly way. The inspiration for this is both Bobby Shafto’s level headed responses on tfes.org and also by reading Mick West’s book.

    If anyone is interested, these are on my YouTube channel: MCToon.
  16. zuaaef

    zuaaef New Member

    Hi all I ended up here because I did not know how to prove that the earth was round to my friend without photo evidence. The name is Jay by the way.
  17. Mike DeGraff

    Mike DeGraff New Member

    Hey Everyone,

    My name is Mike and I have Postgraduate degrees in Computational Mathematics and Applied Physics and looking forward to having discourse with many of you hopefully. I appreciate the ability to be a part of the site!
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  18. HarveyDent

    HarveyDent New Member

    as is suggested for participation in this forum, just extending a very warm and friendly HELLO to all

    When will I know that I have the capability to submit a claim to be debunked?
  19. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    You can submit a claim anytime.

    You might want to look over the site guidelines though, so you don't get frustrated if you leave out needed information and your thread is not approved. :)



    and welcome to MB!!
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  20. Kieron Richardson

    Kieron Richardson New Member

    Hi everyone, I ended up here after watching an episode of ancient aliens on the science and discovery channel. I was intrigued by the great pyramid/speed of light coincidence. I'm usually a huge sceptic. My usual reply would be, yeah and last year I went on holiday to a magic island where I sang karaoke with elvis, moon walked with Michael Jackson and we took turns riding shergar. But this pyramid thing has certainly got me thinking.
  21. Harry Mann

    Harry Mann New Member

    Hi all,
    I'm a Brit heading rapidly towards 70... OMG! That's what I'd like to be a lifetime conspiracy but it's definitely not
    Mech Aero Engineer engineer many years ago (a/c performance) when software programming was fairly young but increasingly necessary (early 70s)
    .. .interests are dietary therapy, nutrition and foodstuffs, gardening, allotments and growing food; climate change (big fan of Sir James Lovelock, now approaching 100); world's recycling and pollution issues etc.
    Personal annoyances ... chemtrails (of course), and 911 (sympathy for the families).
    Great job Mick... seriously necessary and timely !
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  22. NateTalksToYou

    NateTalksToYou New Member

    Hello everyone. My name is Nate, and on YouTube I go by NateTalksToYou. I first discovered Metabunk when researching counter-arguments to the chemtrail conspiracy theory, which I once believed in. I've found Mick's forum to be a valuable, if not essential, tool for debunking chemtrails and misinformation in general, so I'd like to help contribute to the goals of Metabunk where I can.
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  23. Merger Kholoane

    Merger Kholoane New Member

    Hi everyone. I'm new here but hoping to enjoy this page with you all
  24. Mike Bertelson

    Mike Bertelson New Member

    Hello everyone. This is my first post.

  25. chrono117

    chrono117 New Member

    Hello. I'm a new member here. I'm dealing with a few flat earthers in my life. They mainly come at it from a Bible literalism point of view. All I can do is stay polite and tell them not to send me any more videos or memes.
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  26. unknown origin

    unknown origin New Member

    Hi everyone I'm sitting on a bombshell so hopefully I'll be verified soon so I can share it with you all.