1. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    This thread is for any first time poster to (optionally) post an introductory "hi everyone" post, which will also get you "verified" (meaning you can post without anti-spam restrictions) once it has been approved.

    A few words on who you are and how you ended up here would be appreciated. Or just say hi!

    It's highly recommended that you first read the Posting Guidelines:
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  2. Smillsoid

    Smillsoid New Member

    The Smillsoid Has Landed!

    Hi guys! I'm Smillsoid - multi-instrumentalist composer and Stanley Kubrick fan. Great forum.
  3. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome Smillsoid. Is that Kubrick fan as in "great movies", or "faked moon landing"? :)
  4. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Senior Member

    Is it compulsory?
  5. Smillsoid

    Smillsoid New Member

    Great movies.
  6. Robinson

    Robinson New Member

    You know, I looked all over for this thread when I joined. Hello there.
  7. Lost World

    Lost World New Member

    I've been around for a few weeks now, but I thought I may say a few words about myself.

    I'm 44, and work in scientific research. I'm a news junkie and I'm always looking for the story behind the story, which is not always a healthy or fruitful pursuit, as it's often the case there is no 'sub-story' I guess that's one of the reasons I'm here. I want my own assumptions and beliefs challenged. I'm happy to concede when I'm wrong about something, but equally will stand my ground when convinced I'm right.

    I love music from prog rock to classical. I love cinema. Favourite directors are probably Kubrick and the Coen Bro's. I'm also interested in health and nutrition.
  8. Juggla

    Juggla New Member

    Hello all, was linked to this forum from another forum I frequent and after a few hours of browsing found myself wanting to weigh in on the discussions.

    My background: 30 year old student, who just recently returned to university to study Cognitive Science. I love the pursuit of trying to discover the unknown, whether it just be learning or research into hypothesis. I too have a love of Kubrick's artistic endeavors.
  9. mynym

    mynym Banned Banned

    Hi, found this site when trying to debunk some "chemtrail" stuff.

    Sticking around because unlike some aspects of the chemtrail bunk I can't settle on a conclusion for things like 911 and other topics. Nice to imagine a skeptical perspective, even if ultimately everyone has to connect the isolated "dots" and separated threads of thought to create a worldview based on pattern recognition and so forth in the end.
  10. Dave

    Dave New Member

    Hello all, just joined after seeing this site searching for that 'canadian ufo defence guy debunked' and like what I saw. So hello!

    A bit about me... I love learning about stuff, and getting to the bottom of problems, and particularly enjoy seeing 'like & share' things on Facebook and inevitably throwing in a bit of logic and reason into the sea of BS out there. Conspiracy theories also really interest me, not only the actual theories and how they were brought to life, but the psychology behind people wanting to believe in them, taking huge leaps of faith just because of a jpeg with impact font.

    I consider myself a skeptic, and I subscribe to the Skeptics Guide to The Universe Podcast, but that's about as far as I've taken it to date so would be good to have a forum to discuss these things on!

    Also, I am literally in disbelief that the username 'Dave' was available. This is now my favourite website.
  11. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome Dave! Always good to have more skeptics on board. And well done snagging "Dave", I had to start my own board just so I get the username "Mick" :)
  12. Dave

    Dave New Member

  13. Tarka the duck

    Tarka the duck New Member

    Hello - I joined a short while ago, caught up in a whirl of gratitude for the wonderful ambience of this site. I don't know whether I'll ever post here, but I wanted to show my support and appreciation: to read such well researched contributions, and witness people with a range of viewpoints communicating with respect and tolerance is a breath of fresh air. I must admit to being a little in awe of some of the contributors here :eek:

    I've been writing on an "alternative" forum until a few months ago, and have finally come to realise that I'm a lone voice whispering against a blast of closed mindedness. I honestly thought, when I stepped into that world, that the people there would have a genuine sense of enquiry and welcome all kinds of information from a range of sources...it was a huge shock to experience the cult-like mindset, and watch the predictable, knee-jerk reactions when anything outside their agenda was posted.

    So thank you, Mick!

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  14. Stephanie

    Stephanie New Member

    I was googling chemtrails awhile back and came across your site. It makes sense to me when you all explain contrails but I do see alot of wierd stuff in the sky!
  15. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

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  16. Bad Tony

    Bad Tony New Member

    Hi All,

    Nice to find a (mostly) sane corner of the web when it comes to discussing this stuff. I'm more interested in conspiracy theorists than their theories. I seemed to find more where ever I look, a nice, diverse sensible bunch of people who have (what are to me) fantastical beliefs.
  17. i_dont_know_enough

    i_dont_know_enough New Member

    Hi, people I know are talking about chem trails. A bunch of googling led me here.
  18. Emmy Koponen

    Emmy Koponen New Member

    hola! in santa fe getting nowhere contacting reps. just did the wine/peroxide mouth swish and man we are in trouble with the chemtrails. been missing old clouds for years now.
  19. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

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  20. Brainiachick

    Brainiachick Active Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I found this site whilst searching for debunking conspiracy theories. Unlike the rather irritating low levels of intelligence, and a much higher level of dogmatism and lack of respect in other sites, I find the intelligence, politeness and open-mindedness here very refreshing. I am what you might call an open-minded sceptic – I respectfully listen to and evaluate any argument/hypothesis but I weigh its merits based on facts. I am interested in conspiracy theorists, their hypotheses and the psychological elements that drive them and their followers. I find empirical evidence preferable to hear say evidence.

    A little about me: I was that little girl in high school who secretly wanted to find an IQ-reducing formula to make her less playful and less intelligent :)! But today, in my 30s, I'm just an ex-Biochemist with some para-military training, an investor, and a legal/judicial Strategist; and I am in the UK.

    Thanks a lot for having me here.

  21. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome Braniachick, glad to have you on board!
  22. Kelli D Gordon

    Kelli D Gordon New Member

    hi im a 50yr female named kelli d gordon. my bloodline is ancient and my heritage is very inportant to me. I have 3 sons, 4 grandsons and 1 grand daughter named Karma Kay. i am her to try to figure out and defeat obamas agenda to destroy America... OBAMA hates America. and sheriffs got proof hes a criminal... i collect data i hope can be used against obama and his goonsquad... and i dont want sharia law anywhere near my family. so i want to bring you guys info i find so that u can further investigate and hopefully it will assist the resistance. Im an American Patriot who loves her country and flag and the pledge of allegiance... and i also want obama arrested. I stand with the constitutional sheriffs dept. and oath keepers of America.. with constitutional law vs sharia law.. its a no brainer..
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  23. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome Kelli. Please feel free to start a new thread, but try to keep it to a single identifiable topic, with supporting evidence. Please do not start more than one thread or change the topic until people have had a chance to address the first one.
  24. Joe

    Joe Senior Member

    Welcome Kelli I feel the same way about Obama . I look forward to your posts .
  25. Brainiachick

    Brainiachick Active Member

    Welcome on board, Kelli. I can't say that I am an Obama fan or a fan of any politician for that matter, but I certainly am not one to jump to conclusions without concrete evidence, so I would be most interested to see your evidence of your claims.

    Once again, welcome.

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  26. VHDean

    VHDean New Member

    Hey Mate,
    As Quickly as I've discovered this silly chemtrail theory a few months ago and was poking around various places and heard your interview on the Chemtrails Australia facebook page and just want to say well done! I know this is a little off topic and ive never posted in a forum before as i swore i would never get in an argument with someone over the internet lol As a fellow aviation nutter and private pilot this theory is so frustrating and are surprised at the lack of "debunking websites" - so from that interview i stumbled on this place, So once again thankyou and thank god for physics and common sense haha cheers
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  27. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome VHDean!
  28. Brainiachick

    Brainiachick Active Member

    Hi VHDean,

    I've always been fascinated by contrails ever since I was a little girl, absolutely love them. I find the chemtrails theories quite laughable, really. Good to have a pilot on board! I look forward to your posts.

  29. Critical Thinker

    Critical Thinker Senior Member

    Welcome newcomers.... I would recommend becoming familiar with how to avoid using logical fallacies in presenting your case, these mistakes will not sway anyone on here and will often be pointed out when employed. Please provide a link to where information you are citing can be found and verified. Also, there is a lot of subject matter covered in these forums and quite often a newcomer will bring up a subject that has already been thoroughly covered, it would save time and energy to search the forums to see if something has already been addressed and either proven or debunked. http://www.csun.edu/~dgw61315/fallacies.html
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  30. hampshirelass

    hampshirelass New Member

    Hi all....just dropping by to say 'hi' from Hampshire in England.

    I found my way to here via a Facebook link to a discussion about moving statues in museums...lol

    I've had a look round the forum and think I will feel at home real soon :)
  31. JRBids

    JRBids Senior Member

    Welcome hampsirelass, hope you enjoy this forum!
  32. Kynadee

    Kynadee New Member

    Hi everyone, excited to be here... K
  33. Joe Newman

    Joe Newman Active Member

    Talk about serendipity. I didn't even know this place existed, but inadvertently landed here via a link to some article.

    I'm relatively new to this whole CT universe, and have just gone through a heavy spin through a lot of the stuff out there. While I certainly don't agree with all I have waded through, as far as the broad contours go, I find a lot of stuff filed under "NWO" to make sense.

    But that could just be the CT kool-aid going to my head, right?

    Still, I'm open to going where the evidence/strongest argument leads, so it would seem that I am a good candidate for your outreach program. ;)
  34. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

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  35. Joe Newman

    Joe Newman Active Member

    Thank you, Mick. I will check it out along with all the other areas. Damn, this place is big.
  36. cosmic

    cosmic Senior Member

    Hi all,

    I've ended up reading through the forum frequently enough that I decided to register and post. My interests tend to be space-related, primarily (UFO claims and mythology, urban legends and the like).

    The recent thread tackling the silly "mystery" at the Manchester Museum was quite enjoyable.
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  37. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome cosmic!
  38. cosmic

    cosmic Senior Member

  39. Buildy

    Buildy Member

    So glad I found this site. I've been arguing with my local organic grocer for about a year on this topic. He is relentless, posts all kinds of geoengineering videos, and calls it the most important issue of our time. So much energy misguided... Help me help him! We've got quite a back and forth going on Facebook... It's almost embarrassing.
  40. Brainiachick

    Brainiachick Active Member

    Hey, I am Brainiac, and welcome on board! Do invite your local grocer to join us please.