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    New here, but I would just like to throw in my 2 cents.

    "training ranges"

    This person did not just tack those words on without thinking, those words were tacked on either deliberately or subconsciously because, if this is some sort of recurring event for the military, it recurs at training ranges. The 2004 Nimitz event certainly took place at a usual training range.

    I believe this is a bigger find than anyone has yet realized because it could be used to imply what motivations there would be for these "objects" to be there.
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  2. Hi Deirdre,

    Agreed and plausible, on top of that and to add another layer of nutella weirdness, wouldn't Elizondo and maybe even some other people from TTSA be facing charges/prosecuted by now for showing these videos, specially the two last ones since they were unknown to the best of my knowledge?

    Same question with Elizondo and his claim to be heading AATIP?

    This gives a lot of fuel to conspiracy theories imo.

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    ive said in other threads, I personally think it depends on how much the military cares. it's not like they can put the genie back in the box. Plus I think these blob videos make TTSA look silly. I imagine the military thinks the same. Although that's obviously just a guess on my part.
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    I wonder how aware they were of the fact that the Nimitz video was available on the web since 2007 on a film website. I'm still left questioning what that means, exactly. Even if back then you had to find a random website to upload something to in order to save it for later, why would you choose a film company's website of all places to hold something like that? You'd think you'd foresee how suspicious that would seem.
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    The implication here is that people are suggesting that there's something beyond the capabilities of current technology on display in the videos, and that would be explained by "classified drone or related technology."

    I'm certainly not suggesting that there needs to be any super-advanced technology on display that needs explaining. Maybe one or two of them is a drone, but drones are just jet planes with jet engines.
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