Why little to no analysis of steel from WTC7?

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How can you know that this was not a widespread phenomena, given that almost no steel from the building was available (indeed NIST said precisely zero steel was available); with respect to FEA, if you do not understand the principles of transparency and falsifiability then you are ignorant of the scientific method and how scientific credibility is achieved without appeal to authority.
It IS a widespread phenomenon. It's called RUSTING. In this case accelerated rusting.

You supply a deep pile of constantly red-hot, twisted, torn and compacted steel fragments with a supply of fresh water raining from above. Watch the action of steam, acid radicals, and oxygen out of the air, dissolve out large amounts of iron in days.

Not Jonathan Cole and his mad alien scientist uncle with their failed tiny fire and dry box overnight experiment.

Aqueous acid steam (or alkali steam for that matter) plus oxygen are quite effective on carbon steel, which is almost pure iron.

There was plenty of gypsum (calcium sulfate) around. There's your sulfur. As a sulfate radical in aqueous solution. Gypsum isn't perfectly insoluble at all.

The steel was plain civil structural steel. The building had been accidentally struck. Any 0.2% carbon steel would behave the same.
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Please clarify how elemental sulfur can be liberated from gypsum under conditions of (rubble) fire and go on penetrate steel on an intergranular level; you will of course also need to explain why a material which can so easily release such a dangerous element would be so widely used in construction.
ABS plumbing pipe, automobile fluids burning in the rubble, computer components and other plastics pyrolizing, broken lead acid batteries are all possible sources of sulphur.

BTW, You do realise that there are literally millions of people sporting about in vehicles that contain "such a dangerous element", in fact its in a very dangerous compound of that element. My Gawd! These vehicles are involved in collisions every day in which these batteries are smashed up thus releasing this compound into the enviroment. It also happens in underground parking lots right INSIDE buildings that have people in them!
At least we are breaking free of the execrable stupidity of the BBC's theory here; but weren't you about to explain how you can be so certain that the sufidized steel was not a widespread phenomena at WTC7?
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