Why does the Lunar Lander leave not tracks

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The dark in the other photo can't so deep, never.
What are you basing this on, do you have a reference?

And you've moved onto a different photo without acknowledging that Mick has shown your original claim to be jpeg artifacts. Do you understand and agree with what he has shown to be the case?


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I think there actually is an optical effect which accounts for the lack of visibility of tracks in the center field. I can't for the life of me recall the right reference word. It appears in pictures of clouds, or fresh-laid dew on grass, taken with the sun behind the observer - that I know.

It is a side-effect of the nature of moon dust - which is microspheres of rock which have been vaporized by energetic impact and then recondensed. They focus and return light to the observer like cat's-eyes do.

I think it may be identified by referring to atoptics.com, or similar.
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BTW, the tread design of the rover left fairly minimal footprint. The chevrons do not protrude considerably from the wheel surface in the manner of a tractor, but are almost flush with the mesh.
Probably protruding only a few millimetres and therefore the track having little textural definition and the round tyre cross section leaving a subtle edge to the track. The mesh itself taking a decent percentage of the load and sifting a nice sprinkle of dust like a cake mix sifter back onto the track.
Spending almost a year zooming around moon-like deserts in very weird vehicles in Africa with locals paranoid about ecosystem damage gives you plenty of time to obsess over wheel tracks..

I'm not sure if any of the debunking sites mention it but the rover's dust cloud in moon footage is not exhibiting any characteristics of kaman vortex street turbulence. Ie, no billowing indicating the presence of an atmosphere. It would be impossible to produce such an observed effect on a movie set with a vehicle that travels at such a decent speed and throws up a lot of dust very high yet produces no swirling wake vortex. The wake vortex is the phenomena that causes dust kicked up behind a vehicle to swirl forwards and land on the rear window etc
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What are you basing this on, do you have a reference?
I had the same kind of discussion recently, according to somebody it was impossible for all the black pixels to be black or something alike. I told him this could easily be a result of the camera/scanning process and tried to ask for an explanation but I never got one up till now...
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