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Hopefully I'm doing this right and in the right forum section (please move if not).

I subscribe to a youtube channel called Smarter Every Day. The guy (Destin) does some fantastic science videos.
[off topic video removed.. confuses the issue at hand]

But the reason for this thread is in one of his latest videos he and a friend try to take a photo of the recent 'blood moon' while it moves over the Saturn V rocket (how cool is that? The Sat V went to the moon, now the moon is coming to the Saturn V), which they do. But as Destin is taking the photo, he notices a line go across the moon where the point of the rocket intersects with the moon. He sees this in the view finder so doesn't think it happened in the camera's sensor. He has no idea what it is so is asking for anyone to help work out what it is. Someone in the comments said it was a contrail caused by a plane that flew in that area at the time.

Seeing as you guys here know how to find plane flight paths, can any of you work out if it was a plane?

Or do you have any ideas on what you think the line could be?

Here's the video:
Source: https://youtu.be/9reizHjwuNY?t=262

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please move if not).
the problem is you give no data and violate the No Click Policy.

Can you summarize the needed data from the video.. and perhaps any useful info from the comments.. for instance in the first comment I see
so... where were the 3 cameras? location of?
Date. Time. Timezone etc.
Ok hi slink there shows data
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Sorry Deirdre. It's all gobbledigook to me, which is why I sought help from you guys.

I found this site very good at providing rational explanations for weird things. I didn't provide a link to the direct point in the video because I thought the whole video was relevant and would be useful to you guys.


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I thought the whole video was relevant and would be useful to you guys.
the main point is to provide some data. But just skimming that video I'm not sure there was any data in it. I found it anyway... and not to go off topic, but once the guys figure out the line, I want to know what this blob shadow is. (original color snippet attached)



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I want to know what this blob shadow is
most likely a bird. here is the frame you posted


and that here is just the very next frame


and a few frames earlier you can see barely a swarm (I did some strong contrast to enhance visibility and marked a few). those are not artefacts because as in the frames before this one, no blob appears in them at all:

Ooh that one's easy. At 3:40 there's a flock of birds going across the screen from right to left. That frame is of the last bird. He/she's a straggler. If I can get an animated gif going, I'll post it.

Edit: oops I was late to the party. Answered above.


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Seeing as you guys here know how to find plane flight paths, can any of you work out if it was a plane?
seems like this is already answered in this reddit-thread:
source: https://www.reddit.com/r/SmarterEve...have_figured_out_what_the_mysterious_line_is/

and as I was going first with a sensor-phenomenon, Destin states on youtube in the comments:

so from this statement alone its most likely what it looks like; a pretty far away contrail which is by pure chance so perfectly aligned with the tip of the saturn and in line of sight.

edit/ Destin posted a "raw" (sort of) JPG of the event through his reddit-thread here

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/SmarterEveryDay/comments/7v947v/what_is_this_line_on_my_super_blue_blood_moon/dtqfkc0/

here (didnt embedded it, as I have no idea if it would be ok with him):
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they seem to agree that the contrail would be too far and too low to be seen by Destin
they are according to this comment (in the mainthread of destin) more flights which could be that particular contrail:
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/SmarterEveryDay/comments/7v947v/what_is_this_line_on_my_super_blue_blood_moon/dtrdrjn/

Destin himself says in that thread that he didnt think of contrails that far away:


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I admit, math is not exactly my thing, I go with visuals. and have found a nice comparison


description for right photo reads

source: http://www.benfleethistory.org.uk/content/topics/topics-2/unusual-events/lunar_eclipse_over_benfleet


Hmm, take your pick!



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