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Hi and glad to be here.
When I have a question, the answers i get never satisfied me so far, as they are based on assumptions most of the time. I think science ( not pseudo science) and human logic is the way to find the answer. I am hoping to find them both in here. I do not believe the current model of our heliocentric system, and currently believed geocentric model. With clear questions and answers, hopefully I will make up my mind. No insults, no swear words are important as much as no assumptions... Thank you for the opportunity.


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Hi guys, I stumbled upon this site while browsing for some debunking sources, registered immediately! Keep up the good work!


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Hey I found this site from the Escaping the Rabbit Hole book, I have some family and friends who are going down and some who are stuck way deep. Hope this can help me arm myself with some knowledge.


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Hi, I found this forum after reading a blog debunking the recent released UFO tapes, that article mentioned this forum and I found it very interesting.
In a personal note, I recently debunked a book about the Falklands War written by a British amateur historian that claimed that the Argentine forces suffered up to a hundred casualties the day of the Landing, when the official account was one deceased and three injured. I was thinking about posting my findings here and show the process of debunking those claims and purported evidence.


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Hey everyone, found this site while trying to debunk the recent 'george floyds killer is a crisis actor' theory going round

Miguel Sancho

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Hi - not sure if I'm posting properly but by means of intro - I'm a television producer in the states, working on a new project on the topic. Learning a lot here - eager to learn more.



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Hi, I first heard about Metabunk around 18 months ago. I had read Escaping The Rabbit Hole and have heard/seen Mick on a few podcasts.

Only 3 or 4 years ago I used to be suspicious about the official JFK story and I used to believe the 911 conspiracy but at the same time had nagging doubts, I would tell friends about it, who would then also believe after watching the likes of Loose Change. I also used to believe some of the stuff in Zeitgeist the Movie.

One friend, whose opinions I take seriously, had said he didn't believe the 911 stuff, he'd watched Loose Change but found it wanting. I had started to have doubts that 911 was an inside job simply because I would have to believe that the people who had carried that out were then unable to sneak some fake evidence of WMDs into Iraq after the allies invaded the country during the second Gulf War.

After realising that a lot of YouTubers seemed to be making money out of videos with crazy claims (eg Flat Earth) and that friends of mine believed in things like chemtrails, faked moon landings, ghosts, Roswell I did a critical re-examination of what I had believed in and I changed my mind. I no longer believed any of it. I might be on the fence about some stuff, whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone for example, but that's not the same as believing he had help.

I listen to many podcasts including ones from Mick West, Michael Shermer, Sam Harris, Sean Carol and from Brian Dunning and I consider myself to be a skeptic. Carl Sagan's saying that "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" really struck a chord with me.

I've managed to keep myself away from this forum then today I read a story on the BBC website about a man who supposedly came round from being unconscious and "was speaking in fluent French". It's been reported as a fact, I think that similar claims have been made in the past. I was going to post about it if nobody had already.

This kind of stuff was fun to read in Ripley's Believe it or Not, I loved all of that bumph when I was a kid, Bermuda Triangle, Chariots of the Gods etc. Now I see it as dangerous. When you have a US President who repeats conspiracy theories to suit his agenda, when you have people who 'don't believe' in Covid 19, or seemingly intelligent people who really think that 5G spreads viruses to control the population

Jon Adams

... This kind of stuff was fun to read in Ripley's Believe it or Not, I loved all of that bumph when I was a kid, Bermuda Triangle, Chariots of the Gods etc. ...

Welcome aboard! You reminded me of my fond memories as a schoolboy who had the summers off while his friends had to take summer school.

Not sure why they needed to do that, maybe to act as baby-sitter.) But I digress - I would spend 5 hours a day, waiting for my friends to be released from their educational jail, at the library. I read all the shelves of UFO and Bermuda Triangle stuff, back then it wasn't so much a conspiracy as it was just amazing. Of course, I'd switch back and forth between those shelves and the SF ones, and even the abnormal pathology medical ones (I was a strange child).

At 3 pm my friends would be released from their prison, and I was filled with new weird ideas. We made some interesting Super 8 movies back then (wish I still had them), and with my Instamatic captured rare, never-before-seen images of impossible stunts (a little rope and deftly placed hands and costume). It was loads of fun, and it was always interesting to see who'd be fooled. It was a game.

Cheers - Jon


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Hi, Im at 29 years old female living in the UK, I came here via your book. I have a friend who is an anti vaxer very left wing environmentalist. As a result of the pandemic and covid conspiracies they have gone further into 'the rabbit hole' and the last conversation we had they were praising trump and talking about paedophile rings in government which I have later come to understand as Qanon related. My friend was sending me very long youtube documentaries which they insisted I watch, when I provided some counter information I was labelled another naive sheep. I purchased your book to get some advice on how to interact with my friend, unfortunately I have not been able to open up dialog with my friend as they have announced they are no longer talking to people who do not follow their beliefs, they feel these people could be dangerous to them. Hopefully they will open up further down the line but in the meantime im enjoying the education.


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Hi all.
I'm a software engineer working in the space exploration industry.

Many of my friends believe in one conspiracy theory or another - the illuminaty, COVID being man-made, eating appricot pits to cure cancer, and even things like flat Earth, etc.

It's fascinating to me that otherwise intelligent people believe those things. It's also a bit scary that people would believe someone on YouTube and not their doctor, or government officials.

Someone has to examine these claims using the scientific method - UFOs are a good candidate because they are fairly factual claims. You can't disprove the illuminaty. And if I end up finding an alien spacecraft all the better. I'm a big SciFi fan, plus I'll be famous


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Hey everyone, I'm from Ottawa, Canada. I stumbled across this site, because I have a friend who is a Truther and has re awakened my interest in debunking the bogus claims they make.


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Greetings all from Tulsa Oklahoma. Long time lurker, longer time user of content generated by metabunk and its users.

I run a smallish Instagram account where I challenge Flat Earthers, anti vaxxers, science deniers, climate deniers and moon hoaxers to debate and where I pose questions and observations I've made about these topics and make an honest effort at debunking these claims. As a student of the history of manned spaceflight, my speciality is debunking the lunar landing hoax. But I find myself engaged with all sorts.
I've taken to adapting my techniques. Evolving and trying different methods. While I realize that I'll never convert a flat earther with logic. My posts and arguments and points may knock somebody off the fence and stop them from ever becoming indoctrinated in the first place. It's all I really hope to do.
I've also experimented with different tactics and tones and I'm constantly learning. Part of why I do this is that invariably, it forces me to hit the books and research. Things I'd never have even considered before.
And I find myself here more often then not, following links or gleaning bits of helpful insights and pointers.

That's my introductory post

Looking forward to more from Metabunk in the future!


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Hello everyone, I’m filchface.
I found you when trying to research information on a conspiracy theory and realized that I had questions that your platform was able to shed some light on. I love the concept and am here to ask questions and listen to well thought out answers. We all live in our own bubble, mine is San Francisco. It’s a shame that asking questions has become such a partisan issue and just “it’s been debunked already” is not enough for me, I want to know how. I’m excited to join the conversation. I have an open mind, yet am a critical thinker and hope we can help each other find truth.

Damian M

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Just read Mick's book and found it fascinating. I have always been interested in alternative viewpoints and have occasionally entertained one or two. I have a mostly skeptical outlook, but enjoy examining all points of view with an open mind.


Any kumdki

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Thank-you for having me. Long-time lurker, just signing up officially. Thanks for all the hard work, people have obviously put in here :)


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Hi there!
I'm reading Mick's excellent book and am trying to help my husband who is deeply entrenched down the rabbit hole. This seems to be a great site and I'm looking forward to gleaning some good debunking information and skills.


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Hello Everyone, I found out about Mick on the Joe Rogan podcast, and it left a strong impression. I have traveled to the depths of the conspiracy iceberg and some of that information has left me in distress... Therefore, convincing evidence that the world we live in is not so dark after all is welcome, witch is why I have created an account here, with an intention to, in the next few days, attack you with information that I have, with hopes that you will be able to disprove that information, and return some color to my world view.
If I am permitted to list websites here, I would like to hear your opinions on some websites that I still trust a lot, and some that have lost my trust or interest.


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Hello everyone. Joined after feeling so much frustration watching people continuously happily following each other down the rabbit hole, while at the same time calling anyone debunking their conspiracy theories as 'sheeple'. I have an academic research background so understand how to make an argument, but this doesn't seem to amount to anything with many people - they'd rather listen to a celebrity chef. Hoping to learn from others on how to successfully debunk these ideas and where to find solid, user friendly information, although I do worry that it might be very difficult with some people.


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Hello! I joined because an acquaintance of mine is deeper into conspiracies than I thought. My methods of debunking weren't working so I started looking for better advice and help in unraveling conspiracies so I could save time researching.


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Hi everyone. I joined because I think that a rational discussion about these subjects, that are surrounded with hoaxes and unreasonable speculation, is very productive. Information can be easily distorted and/or sensasionalized, so it's really important that we concentrate only on the facts and trace them to their origin, to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations.


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Hi everybody. I am 63 years old and live in Genoa Italy. I deal with symbolism, mythology and mythopoiesis. I found you on the net during my research on UFOs. Thanks for admitting and I apologize if my English isn't perfect.

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Hi, Everyone,
I enjoyed Mick's book and hope to learn more from the forums on this website.


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Hi everyone! I joined because I want a place to have a rational conversation about topics like UFOs, I got into the UFO topic around 2 years ago and I've been obsessed with it since. I am particularly interested in the triangular UFO phenomena as well as TTSA and Tom DeLonge incredible claims about his experience in meeting high ranking US military generals..

Zak M

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Been coming here for years already figured I'd make an account. Would be nice to hear some kind of rebuttal to Joe Rogan's last podcast where he had Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp on and mentioned Mick West's explanations as mental gymnastics.


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Hi all,

My name's Catherine and I'm a 40 year old medical laboratory scientist working in diagnostic transmission electron microscopy.


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Good Evening from beautiful New Zealand. I am a close to retirement school teacher - I teach practical and academic Ag at a smallish boys school. I arrived at this website from a piece of independent journalism that I subscribe to. It left me very worried by what the young minds in my classroom are being exposed to - when they are not thinking about tractors


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Hey guys, glad to join. Have lurked around for a pretty long time.

I was exposed to the Zietgeist movie when I was young and sort of become a conspiracy theorist (mostly 9/11) at a young age (Like 14-18) I fell into the "Believe one group of people's videos, but don't even bother checking out the other groups"

Then Sandy Hook came along, and I just couldn't believe some of the easily debunked talking points that came out of it. That lead me to seriously doubt some other things and began to research the fact based side a bit more.

Somewhere along the way I stumbled onto this site and lurked a bit from there. Bought Mick's book last week and have enjoyed it so far and found it fascinating. Glad to be fully out the rabbit hole, while learning and retaining a healthy amount of skepticism on certain things.


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Hi everyone, I have joined to learn more about UFO's, UAP's, Moon landings, 911, and general paranormal shenanigans. I want facts and to improve my own critical thinking/ debunking skills. I'm also interested in Cults and religions as I was brought up in one as a child and was able to break free in my mid twenties, Im now 47 and consider myself a rational person who likes truth not BS. I have enjoyed Mick's debunking of the US Navy UAPs amongst other things.
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Hey! Just found this forum after curiously researching a person who took part in making a game that heavily influenced my childhood haha. Then I came to realize that I have a particularly strong interest in conspiracy debunking and this would be a great chance to chat with others who do too. I hope everyone is doing well as of late.


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Hi folks,

Currently halfway through The Book, and enjoying it. An election is coming up in my country (no, not USA) so there are a lot of fevered imaginations running rampant. It's got to the point where I want to get debunking!

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