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Hello all, CNC and 3D printer automation enthusiast. Been working most of my life as my biggest and longest running hobby, on a replicator level 3D printer design, along with a recycling/refining option to allow a much better method of supply for star travel, though every day that passes I see more and more reasons why we need this for,

My question to all is, "which is more important to develop or create, technologically, the replicator, or warp drive?" because which one is the focus of a society the more likely they are to be either federation or empire like :)

trivia? I found this site from a search on starlite recipe's since I saw that some had achieved similar results with simple materials. :)


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Greetings all.

Kite enthusiast, found this site some time back while looking for background information on a UFO sighting that I could recognize as a particular manufacturer's LED kite for night-flying. That particular one never wound up here, as far as I can find.

Started spending rather more time reading here while arguing with various conspiracy theorists on the /x/ board of a "chan" site (you know the one I mean... but I do not name them, lest by naming them they may be summoned.:eek::)) They had a lot of discussion of the To The Stars Academy vid clips and Cmdr. Fravor's sighting, and in refuting some of the assertions made about that (and particularly in sorting the timeline) I poached freely on much of the information you folks developed (with attribution sometimes, but for some reason mentioning this site made some of them rather cross.) My motive for all that was that I know some younger folks (I am an older folks) who spend time on chans, and I don't want all the stuff that is posted there to be taken as fact wothout another side being presented. I doubt I changed anybody's mind there, but I am hopeful that maybe I helped some lurker not get taken in. Hope is free, right?

Apart from kites, my interests would include the Apollo program and "golden age" space exploration, and Roman history (which likely comes up here less often.)

I don't plan to post a whole lot, as my areas of expertise are usually going to be irrelevant, or my level of expertise is going to be exceeded by most everybody else. But I may chime in with questions that would help me to follow points being made, or if something is recognizably a kite, I'll leap into action!

I appreciate both the excellent work done on this site, and the high level of discourse

"What do we want? CIVIL DISCOURSE! When do we want it? Now would be fine with me, but I'd appreciate your thoughts on that..."

Rob W.

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Hello, My name is Rob and I ended up hear as I am listening to the audiobook for Escaping the Rabbit Hole. I have always had an interest in conspiracy theories and how people come to believe fringe thoughts. I look forward to the conversation here.

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This thread is for any first time poster to (optionally) post an introductory "hi everyone" post, which will also get you "verified" (meaning you can post without anti-spam restrictions) once it has been approved.

A few words on who you are and how you ended up here would be appreciated. Or just say hi!
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It's highly recommended that you first read the Posting Guidelines:
I got interested in this website, cause of a general interest indicated below. The impulse was due to BookBub and the Escaping the Rabbit Hole book.

I'm use Flat Earth and Geocentric models in class as examples of theories that work in some instances, but are not globally correct. The point every time is that Nature is the truth, we need to agree on the observations, we then create models (some good some bad) which we then can use under certain conditions. I'm very curious about what is in store here.


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This thread is for any first time poster to (optionally) post an introductory "hi everyone" post, which will also get you "verified" (meaning you can post without anti-spam restrictions) once it has been approved.

A few words on who you are and how you ended up here would be appreciated. Or just say hi!
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It's highly recommended that you first read the Posting Guidelines:
I’m just looking for truth about many things .

Danie Ray

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Hi, I came here as I'm interested in what makes one person more vulnerable to believing in an erroneous idea than another?
When does information become a belief and why people become so protective, defensive and emotionally involved with their new found idea
(that is often beyond their scope of understanding).
I have been reading this forum for a couple of weeks and I've thoroughly enjoyed it.
I have however searched a few subjects to see what the opinion is amongst this community is and not found them here, so I have joined this forum in a quest to join the discussion.


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Hi everyone!

Glad to be posting here. I’m basically a huge nerd, but professionally speaking I am a game developer, writer and music producer from London, UK.

I found Metabunk via Mick West’s recent appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast, and have become very fond of the intelligent and healthy discussions and debates that pop up around these fringe topics since.

I’ve always been fascinated by conspiracy theories and, indeed, theorists as a theme, and it is one that seem to reoccur throughout much of my creative output.

I hold a BSc Hons degree in Cognitive Science (A.I./Consciousness specialised) from the University of Exeter, so am relatively analytical and scientifically minded. However, given my highly creative nature, I am drawn to fringe topics and exploring their mythology.

Like Mick, I‘d place myself around a 1.5 out of 10 on the Demarcation Line.

I would very much like to join (and, hopefully, further) the healthy discourse at hand.



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Jello to everyone. I'm leon and like to see what weird stuff people believe. My 17 year old uys into this stuff so looking for ways to point her back to reality.

peace xx


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Hello Mick, and hello fellow debunking fans! I have always been interested in the hard truth, especially now in a world awash with fake news and conspiracy theories. I first learned of Mick and his site from his appearances on the JRE podcast. My interests include physics and military technology, and I've recently been diving into the world of open-source intelligence. I am looking forward to learning and possibly making some (hopefully) meaningful contributions.


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Hi, I've been looking for a good place to have some debates on hot topics but that are free of name calling and ridicule but rich in thoughtful responses based on solid reasoning and facts. I am a design engineer with many years of experience and a background in Physics but unfortunately a lot closer to retirement these days. I saw the thread that appears to have recent activity on AGW so thought I would start there.

Jesse Baker

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Just wanted to say thanks to those who maintain this web site. I consulted it to discover more about theories blaming the US government for perpetration of or complicity in the September 11 attacks. Most likely I won't participate in discussions here as I'm not good at finding links worth sharing. But I've noticed that the traditional bulletin board forum has nearly gone extinct in favor of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and quite rapidly, too, only ten years since those forums had enjoyed peak usage. What a sad development, to someone from the USA who remembers when we had CompuServe back in the '80s.
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Hi all, I am an aviation enthusiast from Norway fascinated by those advocating geoengineering and chemtrails. Other than that, any kind of science denial basically pisses me off! I try not to engage in the comment sections in social medias, but I just can’t help my self . I find Metabunk a valuable source for knowledge and unbiased information.

David B. Brenton

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Hello everybody, I just registered at Meta bunk, and this is my introduction post. I registered to comment on this specific subject. I have read some subjects on this site, and appreciate your debunking of some things here, and indeed it is a great service.
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Hello to all. I found this site thru minds.com - there was a post by "Earth Nation News" claiming that a certain exercise bike could power a household for a day by pedaling on it for just one hour. A comment by Mark Logan debunked this claim and provided a link to an article here:
I found this to be very enlightening, so I decided to sign up on the metabunk site. There is too much misinformation floating around and I'm glad to see that some of it is being challenged and debunked!


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Hello everyone. Googling brought me here to an old discussion on an Abraham Lincoln quote on "giants" that I can add some good context to as someone who lives in Lincoln country and have a good idea on the background of that quote via local lore.

I do love tearing down bad old history (and there's way too much of it, alas), so I'm sure I'll find other things to contribute on.


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Hi all. Thanks for having me. Mick I first saw you on JRE and have been a fan ever since. The skeptic community as a whole I find to be a disappointment but yourself, Massimo pigliucci and steve novella are shining lights. Keep up the good work.

Steve Shiply

Love conspiracy theories. Researching them. Discussing them. And have a particular deep interest in History. Though as i am not really a conspiracy theorist, nor a debunker, i will perhaps not contribute too much, and mostly read the great discussions. The discussions i have read so far involving conspiracy theorists versus debunkers have been very entertaining and in good nature. Also hats off to those that choose to argue in favour of conspiracy theory. The odds of winning the discussion are stacked against them, yet they persevere, and just keep trying, even though they have the far weaker argument, with less evidence on their side.

David Allison

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Hello, Thank you for allowing me to register. I stumbled across Z.W. Wolf’s excellent video demonstrating a stationary gyro seemingly unaffected by the earth’s rotation. It is extremely interesting. From my aviation experience, I always attributed the precession of the gyro due to the earth’s rotation. After watching the video I’m convinced this view is incorrect. Great stuff and hats off to Z.W. Wolf and his curiosity. I’m just starting to explore the many other interesting threads on the site. Thank you again, Dave


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Hello. My name is Justin. What brought me here is lurking on ats and reading conspiracy theories. I think someone had a link to this forum and it was amazing. I love how this is all fact based and how people like Mick do their own experiments. It's great.


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Hello, i like to hear all sides of an argument. Got here while googling for a bicycle electricity generator. I followed Crackpotwatch for a while, but there the little debate there is, is laced with insults.
Am a long time follower of Thunderbolts Project, the Electric Universe hypothesis, Plasma Universe hypothesis. New telescopes seem to confirm their hypothesis and predictions, and i hope to live to see a paradigm shift in Cosmology.


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With lots of misinfo and madness going over the Coronavirus, it's nice to know there is still a community on here promoting critical thinking and debunking of doomsaying and nonsense. I've been coming to this site for what seems like years now and have contributed as well and have learned a lot along the way. Thanks for everyone that keeps coming back to contribute. It's what keeps me logging in knowing I can discuss matters or view a current rumor with a logical approach so thanks for that. I learned a lot about discerning information from here and how to ask the right questions. Stay healthy everyone!


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Hi, came here after a few months of drifting away from the so called truth movement. It seems here more factual discussions and reasonable people dwell. From some of my experiences I’ve seen the worst in some of these people claiming to be ‘for truth‘ alongside little proof for certain claims. Hope to be as helpful as I can on these boards.

Daniel Timmer

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Hello. My name is Daniel Timmer.
I am an associate of Dakila Pesquisas, who made the Convex Earth Documentary. I saw some messages about the experiments and would like to answer.



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I enjoyed Mick's book, "Escaping the Rabbit Hole..." the podcasts, and basically, rationality and respect for science. I'm especially interested in psychology and cognitive science. I have many good-hearted friends that are very credulous and gravitate towards conspiracy theories. So, I'm particularly grateful for the respectful dialog with conspiracy theorists and science-deniers that Mick endorses. Consideration and respect is necessary to support people to open up to logic, rationality and scientific evidence. My big world-changing wish is for critical thinking skills and philosophy (emotional intelligence) be taught at the earliest ages possible. Thanks for providing this platform, Mick.


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I discovered this site while looking for resources on debunking the chemtrail conspiracy theory. I've been reading the articles contrailscience.com for a few years, and decided to check out Metabunk, as it is active, compared to contrailscience. I have read Escaping the Rabbit Hole and thought it was a great book. The way it is organised into sections makes it appealing to someone who is less knowledgeable about the world of conspiracy theories, and easy to take in the information.
The idea of being polite and treating the person you're trying to change with respect is amazing. I am astonished at how polite and respectful everyone is on this site. It's like a breath of fresh air compared to other places (i.g YouTube comment sections).
Thanks for creating this awesome space, Mick!

Looking forward to spending some time on this site.

Hello to all!


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Hi. I'm Ragnar from Estonia.

Up to my early 20's I believed in a bunch of new-age stuff and cosmic grand conspiracy theories because of my father who's still promoting them. After getting into an argument with him I stopped taking him as an authority and started my own journey. I studied applied chemistry and biotechnology for a year. During that I joined The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) and the Venus Project (TVP) Activism. Started looking more into the scientific method and skepticism. Left TZM and TVP a year later as a skeptic. Started my studies in computer science. Professionally I'm currently a senior front-end developer. I'm also part of the Street Epistemology Facebook groups admin team. I sometimes play some guitar.


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Hello, everyone.

Haven't been on here for a while. I've seen great debunkings that people have done on this forum hence I wanted to join. Though I'm more of a discusser than a "debunker" to be honest.