Triangle UFO Laredo, Texas - Recreated using a Drone


This is old, but it's new to me, and a Redditor asked me what I thought, so I thought I would answer with a video..

I hope this is the right category, I saw two forums related to UFOs.. Apologies if not, or if this is already on here. (I did search MB, didn't find.)

About 8 years ago, someone released a video with "spooky music" showing a bright set of lights through an NVD vanishing behind a roof line:


So I attached some LED lights to my DJI Mini, and tried it out:


My camera and NVD dealt with the contrast better, didn't bloom as drastically most of the time, and was much more in focus. Maybe I should have defocused more, but hey, I was trying to fly a drone with one hand while operate camera/NVD with other...

To me, the two look reasonably similar.

And it is annoying that they deleted the original sound track from the film. Even if it's just the crickets or traffic, I'd hope they include it. Plus the spooky music tells me they may be trying to push a narrative they know isn't even true.


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Plus the spooky music tells me they may be trying to push a narrative they know isn't even true.
it was featured on live science a while your drone comparison is great in debunking his alleged "we ruled out..." claim.

According to LPRS founder Ismael Cuellar, the "infrared-cloaked" object could not be seen with the naked eye, and cruised silently. "[We] have ruled out birds, bugs, airplanes, helicopters, and even flying drones by comparing them side by side as a point of reference," Cuellar told Life's Little Mysteries. This seems to leave just one explanation: It's a cloaked alien spaceship.

it was also featured on some tv show "chasing ufos"
Not so, according to Ben McGee, a geoscientist, aerospace consultant, UFO skeptic and lead field researcher on the National Geographic series "Chasing UFOs." In McGee's opinion, all the signs point to this object being a border patrol drone with infrared anti-collision or identification lights. Here's why he thinks so.