The Easy And Logical Debunking Of UFO 'Size'


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Episode 5 of Unidentified contains yet another example of one of the worst, and most debunk-able, aspects of UFO reports. Luis Elizondo interviews a man who claims that the diamond shaped UFO he saw was '200 feet up and 100 feet wide'.

The question arises...if you don't know what an object is, how can you possibly know any of the parameters that define distance or size ? We so often see claims ( as with the Phoenix UFO ) that ' It was a mile wide !' But without some definitive reference point you have no idea if an object is 100 feet up and 50 feet wide or 10,000 feet up and a mile wide. And angular speed is no indicator. I've seen a dandelion head, reflecting the sun, whizz across the sky..looking for all the world like a fast airplane sized object high up, when it was actually only 10 feet or so above me.

To know an object's size, you have to know its distance. And if the object is by definition 'unidentified' and you don't know what it is, that in itself says you cannot possibly know either parameter. The only thing that is a mile wide is ignorance of these basic facts.