TFTRH #11: Jim Lee – Chemtrails, Geoengineering, Conspiracies, and Semantics

Mick West

Staff member


Jim Lee used to be a fairly hardcore conspiracy theorist, deep into things like Chemtrails and doomsday comets. Now he’s less deep down the rabbit hole, but has managed to create one of his own. He’s convinced there’s something going on involving chemicals in the air or modifying contrails. Not exactly chemtrails, but still something nefarious. He spends a lot of time researching what it might be. He’s also concerned about the effects of potential future geoengineering, pollution, and nuclear leaks, and his large website Climate Viewer, is where he educates people on those issues, and other things he finds important.

Unfortunately a lot of people in the chemtrail community think of him as a supporter of the conventional chemtrail conspiracy theory, even though he thinks that’s implausible, and prefers his own version. He still uses the language of “chemtrails”, even though he will qualify it later in the article. I think he’s wrong about a secret geoengineering plot, but even if he was not, I think he’s not helping with pandering to the hardcore chemtrail folk.

We discuss all those things.
Good timing Mick. My grandson (10) has just finished telling me about.... chemtrails! I have previously educated him quite thoroughly on contrails a few years ago. Whenever we would see a contrail I would be asking so approx how cold is it up there and about what humidity would it be, how high would the plane be for that contrail to form and we would check flightradar24. Anyway the original source of his chemtrails information was from the same guy (ex-navy and seemingly smart man) that started my journey down the rabbit hole. So looks like I need to read up on the latest and get this crap out of his thinking asap. Glad I have an arsenal ready. He did put up a bit of an argument against chemtrails so he did listen to me all those years ago. Unfortunately the people (family) telling him this crap I don't speak to due to them being verbally abusive. I told him question everything don't accept it as true.