Switching to CloudFlare, any problems?

Mick West

Staff member
I'm adding CloudFlare, which is a free caching CDN service, which should make things faster and more resiliant. The changeover will happen over the next several hours as DNS propagates. Please let me know if anything stops working, or seems different.

I've already done this to contrailscience.com, with just a few minor problems.

Cloudflare is also anti-malware, so you might get a challange screen. See:


-You're going to be trying a service called CloudFlare to protect and speed up your forums, which should improve page loading times and sharply reduce the number of active spammers.
-Advise your members that they may get a challenge page before they are granted access to the site. Let them know that they can still access the forum by passing the captcha, and that they can send you a message through the challenge page to request whitelisting of their IP address. Only a small number of your forum members will see the challenge page, but it is always useful to let them know what to expect. (On a side note, the intermittent page is used to stop automated bots from accesing your site).
-Let the community members know that the challenge page will appear if there are indications that their machine is infected with a computer virus or malware. The best thing to do is to run an anti-virus scan on their machine as a precaution.
-Let your members know that sometimes there are false positives with the data, but it is most common when the visitor is coming from a shared network like an office, college network or coffee shop. What this means is that although their computer isn't infected, someone else on the same network does have an issue. Your community member should run an anti-virus scan as a precaution. If there is no virus or malware, then they can enter the CAPTCHA to access the forum. The data set will refine over time.