Swedish Politician Pernilla Hagberg raises "chemtrail" issue in parliament

Vapor trails form from trailing edges on both takeoff and landing. They are fundamentally the same as a contrail but form under different conditions. [...] Google "Low level vapor trails." As for the Brits spraying, yep. They've admitted to some small-scale experiments.

No one disputes that weather modification has been tried. The discussion centers around volume and persistence.

You have no way of knowing that the altitude of the aircraft you observed generating and not generating contrails was the same. You cannot rely on eyeballing and guesstimating.

If you are "annoyed" by clouds I suggest you talk to either God or Mother Nature, whichever you choose to believe in. The problem is you have absolutely no fact or science-based evidence to support your positions.
This is Pernilla Hagberg's own site/blog: http://sanningaromvarlden.org/

For those who don't speak swedish it seems to be mostly her own material in there. And by reading it we find that Pernilla thinks that:
  • Morgellons are real.
  • Global warming is a hoax.
  • GMOs are evil.
  • Vaccines are evil.
  • Government is evil.
  • All problems that exist in the world is the result of previous points.
We also learn that Pernilla has got a tendency to be unscientific, for example this article http://sanningaromvarlden.org/?p=348 about "increased metal concentrations in ground water". She almost immediately jump to conclusion that chemtrails is the sole cause for this, as opposed to more down-to-earth explanations such as acidification and conventional pollution.

In my eyes Pernilla Hagberg is nothing but a gullible uneducated person who had the opportunity to express her views in a more public forum.
She has contributed absolutely nothing new to the debate.
I'm a Swede and I would say all politicans in our parliament are incompetent, but she takes it to a whole another level. THere is a newly started party called Partiet de Fria (Party of the Free, they are actually not very freedom loving) that interviewed alot of big party politicans during the Almedalsveckan (which is a weekend in Gotland where all major partys come and debate and exhibits) and they asked them about chemtrails and stuff, and no one they interviewed had a clue what they were talking about. But of course the Partiet de Fria members immediatly had to call them liars. I also planned to go to the Chemtrail march in Gothenburg, but I had to attend a family birthday.
Partiet De Fria (Party Of the Free) is actually the spawn of the Swedish truth movement - Vaken (means "being Awake"), which consists of mostly unfortunate nutters. And I'm not saying that to be rude, most of them are truly insane when it comes to peddling crazy stuff. And while it's not expressed in their official agenda, the movement's members (mostly people on the internet) are not shy when it comes to pin the blame on Jews, "Zionists", "Talmudism" ect. It's really horrible to watch these crazy people. I tried to debate them many years ago, tried to present a fresh reasonable perspective. But after a year or so I got banned without any warning.

Now I just observe what they are doing once in a while if I need crazy material.